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[job list] Fwd: RE: Expedia.com coming to UIUC and ACM

Hey, take a look at the possitions expedia.com is looking for.  They are going to be on campus today for the job fair and tonight they are offering pizza and pop in the large Siebel center auditorium.  This is an event where a few recruiters are jsut coming to hang out wit students, and there is no technical speaker but they are taking resumes for interns.
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Hi Peter,

Can I take you up on your offer below to post something to the your ACM
jobs email list?  I've attached our job descriptions.  If they are too
long, please let me know and I can condense them.

Also, someone recommended to me that I post to the CS jobs newsgroup.
Do you know anything about that?



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Subject: Expedia.com coming to UIUC and ACM

Hi, I'm Peter and I'm the corporate liaison for ACM.  We would of course
be delighted for you to give a presentation to the whole of ACM, but if
you would prefer to give a presentation to one of the SIG's that's fine
too.  Most presenters give a talk in the evening so people aren't stuck
in class during a presentation.  If you wanted to get pizza or
refreshments to draw a larger crowd, then please get back to me so i can
arrange things for you and advertise your talk.  Also, if there is any
technical aspect about your company that you would like to mention (an
application of computer science like data mining for the lowest prices)
I will mention that to people when i tell them about your presentation.
Get back to me with any details about your visit and what ACM can do to
help you look for interns.  We have a jobs e-mail list i can send an
e-mail to also which involves ACM students looking for internships so
they know to bring their resume or submit one online to your company! .

Peter Schlichting

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