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[job list] Internships available: C programming; OS development; .Net/C#; Java

Still need a job this summer or fall?
Internships at Unisys, Minneapolis, MN location:

Heterogeneous Multiprocessing Middleware:
Student pursuing a degree in computer science. Operating Systems, C programming experience preferred. Java experience helpful.

Operating System Development:
Typically has completed two years of a computer science university program. However, programming skills learned in other ways may be substituted. 

Enterprise Output Management:
Current college student working toward a degree in computer science, software engineering or related field. Understanding of C/C++ is beneficial since some coding tasks may involve analyzing existing code that needs to be rewritten. Testing is likely to include writing automated test programs, which ideally would be in C#. 

Operations Programmer:
Pursuing a undergraduate degree in Computer Science from an accredited university. Experience in Java and SQL server preferred.

Also, there are intern openings in California and Pennsylvania.


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