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[job list] Undergraduate Programming Position - Dept. of Speech Communication

Department of Speech Communication

The Team Engineering Collaboratory (TEC Lab) in the Department of Speech Communication is looking for motivated and talented UIUC undergraduates with significant programming experience. Applicants must have the ability to quickly learn and apply new ideas and technologies. We are looking for students with freshman, sophomore, or junior status. Candidates must be able to potentially devote 3 semesters to this project. Summer work is a possibility and is encouraged.

Under the guidance of Prof. Noshir Contractor, the TEC lab actively develops two projects relating to the collection, analysis, modeling, and simulation of social networks. We currently have two openings for the project IKNOW (Inquiring Knowledge Networks on the Web). I-KNOW is a tool to assist the study, creation and growth of knowledge networks. I-KNOW is a web-based CGI program implemented in Python with visualization tools written in Java.

Minimum requirements:

* Freshman, sophomore, junior at UIUC (CS major not requried)
* Java or C++, specifically knowledge of object-oriented programming
* Excellent communication skills to succeed in a team environment
* Ability think and work independently when needed.

Preferred Experience (in order of importance):

* Web design
* Python
* Linux
* Statistics and Probability
* Graph Theory
* Matrices and Linear Algebra
* Software Methodologies
* InstallShield

Pay will be commensurate with experience. Typically pay is set to a provisional $6-8/hour for the first month, and then raised to $10/hour. Opportunities working for Prof. Contractor's business on the side are also possible, at a rate of $20+/hour.

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to <mailto:mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and we will schedule an interview.