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[job list] undergraduate software development job opportunity at NCSA

NCSA cyberinfrastructure software development position:
NCSA undergraduate software developer position:

Job Description: We have IMMEDIATE positions available for CS undergraduates (sophomore, junior 
status preferred) looking for programming work experience. Mostly development work for web-based 
application/integration for collaborative cyberinfrastructure software plus some database/linux 
administration work. Up to 20-hour work per week is possible (10-hour minimum). Pay will be 
commensurate with experience.  Typically pay is $10/hour. Our location is in the south research 
Park (1901 S. First Street).
Requirements: Programming experiences with Java Servlet, Portlet, CSS, JSP. Java Web Services 
experience is a plus. Flash Communication Server MX 1.5 experience is a plus. Minimum two 
semesters commitment to this job preferred. High motivation to learn and sense of achievment are 
strongly desired.

Resume should be sent to Dr. Yong Liu at <yongliu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Interview will be setup for 
qualified candidates.

Posted: Oct.14, 2004