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[job list] ISS Webmaster Position

The Illinois Student Senate (ISS) is looking for a webmaster.
This is a great opportunity to get involved in the student
senate, and can jump start any political aspirations you might
have down the road.

There is a possibility of pay, and contact info is listed at
the bottom of the post.

> The Illinois Student Senate (ISS) is looking for a second
> webmaster and information coordinator.  This person would 
> work with the senate and staff to ensure that up-to-date 
> information is available on the ISS website, and also from 
> time to time work on adding new features, such as online 
> surveys.  Good web programming skills, time availability, 
> and interest in working with ISS are important.  Prior 
> experience with Windows/IIS-based web servers is a plus.  
> Depending on your abilities and the amount of work to be 
> performed, we may be able to pay you.  This position would 
> be a good way to learn about coordinating people and 
> information, and to contribute to making the ISS a more 
> valuable campus resource for all students.
> Please visit the ISS website at http://www.iss.uiuc.edu/
> If you are interested, please e-mail sundresh@xxxxxxxx a 
> description of your relevant experience along with what you 
> feel you would bring to the position.  Also feel free to 
> send any questions you may have about the position or the 
> ISS in general.