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[job list] code.google.com

Google is sponsoring students to work on open source projects. You
can fill out an application at the address below.


Here is a little more info from the sit:

Announcing The Summer of Code - 31/May/2005
We're very excited to launch our newest initiative, the Summer of
Code. This program aims to help students enter into the world of
Open Source software development. This Summer, allow Google to help
you hone your skills on real problems with real programmers. Return
to school with some real experience under your belt and some cash in
your wallet. By working with some of the most important
organizations and foundations in Open Source we think we've put
together a program that benefits Open Source, students and computer
science. Read more about it and consider taking part!

If you have nothing else to do this summer and are looking for
something to do, this might be just for you. There is also a FAQ
page here: http://code.google.com/faq.html

Good Luck!

Anthony Philipp