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Someone might be interested.


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Thread-Topic: INTEL INDIA -- Cutting-edge Computer-Architecture/simulation
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	Computer-Architecture/simulation opportunities
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   Dear Madam/Sir,

   Please circulate the following opportunity among your students, colleagues
   or acquaintances in this area. Your help is much appreciated.


   Positions are for Mobile Platform Architecture team in Intel Bangalore
   India. Successful candidate will develop/use a mobile platform simulator for
   Intel Centrino (tm) Mobile Technology notebooks and co-architect advanced
   mobile  platforms in 2009 and beyond. The work will directly guide the
   architecture  and design of optimal system and components, by enabling
   correct power and performance trade-offs when architecting next-gen mobile
   platforms.  He/she  will  also comprehend/translate micro-architecture
   specifications for PC platform components like CPU, uncore, high-performance
   Graphics  HW,  memory controllers etc. into the performance simulation
   environment and perform sophisticated studies while working very closely
   with lead mobile platform/component architects. The work will also involve
   pathfinding research studies on core/uncore/interconnect/platform aspects of
   futuristic mobile systems, mobile platform performance projections, new
   technology development, and pre-silicon RTL correlation.


   This person should have at the least a Master’s degree in Computer Science,
   Computer Engg or Electrical Engg with 0-15 years of relevant experience in
   computer system and/or platform architecture. The candidate must have a
   strong computer architecture background. Microarchitecture/ASIC-design
   experience, preferably with CPUs and/or with graphics processors/chipsets
   will be a huge plus. Expertise in cycle-accurate performance simulation
   technology and languages like SystemC, knowledge of power modeling and
   estimation, methodologies and techniques at the microarchitectural level are
   all pluses. Programming skills in C/C++/Perl are desired and experience with
   RTL and EDA tools like ModelSim, CoWare etc. is a nice-to-have.

   Please email your resume to [1]Sreenivas.Subramoney@xxxxxxxxx


   1. mailto:Sreenivas.Subramoney@xxxxxxxxx

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