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[job list] [winslett@xxxxxxxxxxx: [WCS] short-term volunteer opportunity at local kids' science museum]

Here's an interesting volunteer opportunity to help with science
education in this town.  Please pull the contact info out of the
attached email if you're interested.

Ari Gordon-Schlosberg <regs@xxxxxxxx>
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Dear women in computer science,

Here is a nice short-term volunteer opportunity in downtown Champaign:

Wanted at the Orpheum Children's Science Museum-- a data base programmer to help program a new data base system using File Maker Pro. Could be working for credit with a professor or as an unpaid intern at the museum. Please contact Nancy L. Quisenberry, Ed. D. at orpheum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or 217-352-5895.

I think that they want to store their mailing list in File Maker Pro. I would think that any CS major could set it up for them. The Orpheum is a great place, and it will be nice if we can support them in their mission by setting this up for them.

--Marianne Winslett

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