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[job list] NCSA Undergraduate Hourly Programmers


Position Title: NCSA Undergraduate Hourly Programmers

Major Function: Develop Java Enterprise Applications

Group/Division: NCSA CyberEnvironments (Knowledge and Learning Systems)

Scope of Position / Summary:
Undergraduate programmers needed to design, code, and test portal and web-database applications coded in Java (JSPs, servlets, JDBC) using MySQL. Responsibilities involve research programming to develop next-generation cyberenvironment components and systems that will become part of the national cyberinfrastructure. The majority of coding will be done on portal environments (LifeRay, Gridsphere) and knowledge sharing / collaboration tools with a few small projects on the side. This position is expected to support 10 hours/wk during fall and spring semesters and 20 hours/wk during the summer.

Key Responsibilities:
Write/edit/debug Java, JSP, and Struts code delivering the application to the users
Maintain portal environments and integrate JSR-168 compliant portlets
Modify application interfaces

Preferred Experience:
Advanced knowledge/experience with Java, JSPs, and servlets
Prior experience with portals and portlets (e.g., LifeRay, Gridsphere)
Completed coursework in CS311 (or prior experience in data management work)

About the NCSA Knowledge & Learning Systems Group (KLSG):
KLSG develops and test applications for e-Learning and Knowledge Management. Among its current projects are development and hosting of portal-based collaborative environments for NSF's CLEANER project (environmental engineering) and custom Knowledge Centers for educators, astronomers, and entrepreneurs among others.

For more information, contact: Andrew Wadsworth <wads@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

<http://learning.ncsa.uiuc.edu/wads>Andrew <http://learning.ncsa.uiuc.edu/wads>Wadsworth
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
<http://learning.ncsa.uiuc.edu/>Knowledge and Learning Systems Group
<http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/>NCSA - <http://www.uiuc.edu/>University of Illinois