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[job list] ZS Associates - UIUC Recruiting for Software Developers

Hello Ari,

My name is Arun Balakrishnan, and I am a 2001 graduate from University of IL, Chicago in Computer Science.  Since graduation I have been working as a Software Developer for ZS Associates in Evanston, Illinois. We will be attending the Engineering EXPO on Tuesday, September 13th and plan to return to campus on Wednesday, September 21st for an informational session.

After visiting your website and reading up on some of the activities and interests of ACM (especially the various SIG’s activities), we are very interested in meeting with you and other student members of your association at the EXPO to discuss the software developer position at ZS Associates. The activities that the software developers at ZS do are both interesting and challenging and we feel that students who have the background and interests shared by your association members very closely match the qualities that we are looking for.

It would be really great if you could forward this email to other members of the group as well.

Below is a weblink and directions to a description of ZS and the position of a Software Developer.  

Please feel free to send an email or call me if you have any questions.  I look forward to talking with you at the EXPO.

Thank you,
Arun Balakrishnan

www.zsassociates.com --> Careers --> Working Here --> Position Profiles --> North America --> Software Developer

Arun Balakrishnan
SD - ZS Associates
Phone : (847) 492-3189