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[job list] [jfc@xxxxxxxx: FW: Motorola is giving away a car & $10k cash scholarship]

I don't know if you guys have seen this. But it looks rather
interesting plus the prizes look fantastic. 



   Please distribute to students in your student organization, this competition
   is open to all engineering students.


   John F. Clarke
   Executive Director
   The Hoeft Technology & Management Program
   University of Illinois
   218 A Wohlers Hall MC 706
   1206 S Sixth Street
   Champaign, IL 61820
   217 244 0838


   What is the future of mobile communications?

   That's what Motorola is asking college students nationwide through its new
   scholarship competition MOTOFWRD.  The nationwide competition challenges
   students to submit their most innovative ideas about the future of seamless
   mobility the ability to enjoy uninterrupted access to information,
   entertainment, communication, monitoring and control when, where and how we
   want regardless of the device, service, network or location.

   Students can submit their concepts online either through words or visuals
   from September 1 through November 15.  Entries will be reviewed by a panel
   of celebrity and industry expert judges, including:

   - DeeDee Gordon Youth trend-spotter and guerrilla marketer (Co-President
   and Co-Founder, Look-Look, Inc. and Co-Publisher, Look-Look Magazine)

   - Cory Doctrow oted futurist and sci-fi author

   - Omar Wasow Internet analyst and founder of blackplanet.com, the leading
   site for African Americans, reaching over two million people a month

   - Dr. James Canton Futurist, social scientist and author

   - Dennis Crowley Founder of dodgeball.com, a New York-based service that
   focuses on merging location-based services with social networks

   - Catherine Asaro Bestselling, award-winning sci-fi author and scientist

   Please visit [3]www.motorola.com/motofwrd for more information on MOTOFWRD,
   including  details  about  the  grand  prize  a $10,000 scholarship,
   a Bluetooth-enabled car, Motorola products and a summer apprenticeship with
   the Motorola's Chief Technology Office.


   1. mailto:jfc@xxxxxxxx
   2. http://www.techmgmt.uiuc.edu/
   3. blocked::http://www.motorola.com/motofwrd

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