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[job list] Fwd: webmaster position available

This is an opportunity for someone looking for a job during school.  The work is with the UI Bands, who have a standing requirement that all employees be a member of at least one band ensemble (any of six).  That said, they've been having trouble filling this position, so a non-musician might be able to make an entry.

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Ginny, Kim, and Kyle, Please pass along this information to
the various band lists. We have posted a printout of the job
description on the bulletin board, too.
Thanks. -- Lucinda

UI Bands Webmaster Job Description:

        The UI Bands webmaster maintains the UI Bands web pages
(Concert & Symphonic Bands, Marching Illini, and Basketball
Band) and works with UI Bands staff to meet web-based needs.

        Potential applicants should have a strong background in
graphic design with emphasis placed specifically on web
design.  Applicants should also have experience with HTML, and
other web-related programming.  Experience with PHP, database
programming, and server administration are strong pluses.  The
job involves collaboration with the current UI Bands’ System
Administrator on various projects.

        As for all student-staff positions with UI Bands, the student
must participate in one or more of the bands each semester
while holding the job.  Experience with the operation of the
UI Bands program is a plus.  Approximately 8-10 hours per week
are required with opportunities for more work as projects develop.

        Qualified applicants should send a resumé to Lucinda Lawrence
at lawrence@xxxxxxxx and set up an interview time by February
1st at 5 PM.  Questions regarding the job should be directed
to Chris Rishel, the current Systems Administrator and
Webmaster, at rishel@xxxxxxxx.

Lucinda Lawrence
Asst. to the Dir. of Bands/Librarian
University of Illinois Bands, UIUC
1103 S. 6th St, Rm. 140
tel. 217 333 3029
fax  217 244 8810

--Andres J. Tack
  SIGSoft Chair
  Association for Computing Machinery