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[job list] [smherzog@xxxxxxxxxxx: Job and internship opportunities with VMware]


If you're interested in working for VMware contact the email listed
below. If you would like a student perspective from working with
VMware speak with Saleem <abdulras@xxxxxxxx>, who I believe had an
internship with them this last summer. 


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Here's something that might interest your membership.  Could you please
forward it on or post it wherever appropriate.  Thanks.


> Name:   Scott Hemenway
> Email:  shemenway@xxxxxxxxxx
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> Hi Stephen,
> We have a number of System Software applications development positions,
> including positions for New MSCS/PhD Grads, and Interns for this summer.
> Thank you for your help.  -Scott
>   -
> I am recruiting for VMware in Palo Alto, CA and networking with Software
> Engineers and Architects.
> The VIM (Virtual Infrastructure Management) Engineering Group is
> interested in Software Engineers with strong distributed system and
> scaleable application development experience. These engineers will be
> focused on the design and development of VMware's next generation control
> and management software, VirtualCenter.
> http://www.vmware.com/products/vmanage/  white paper - Building Virtual
> Infrastructure with VirtualCenter http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi_wp.pdf
> Core technical skills:
> Infrastructure/VC-Services/System Imaging Engineer /SDK: C/C++, multi-
> threaded server-side programming, distributed systems, COM/DCOM, CORBA
> UI: C++/C#, Windows system-level programming, .Net
> Infrastructure Engineer  -  Will utilize the core technical skill set in
> designing and developing the underlying concepts in the physical and
> virtual infrastructure of the next generation control and management
> software.  The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of system
> architecture, including processors, storage and networking.
> VC-Services Engineer  -   Design and develop datacenter-automation
> services (DAS/DRS) in VirtualCenter, dynamic load balancing and
> distributed high-availability of virtual machines, configuration
> management of a scale-out infrastructure like blade servers, patch and
> upgrade management, etc. In addition to the core technical skills,
> experience building systems-management applications and/or products with
> any of these functionality is a big plus.
> VC-System Imaging Engineer  -   Design and develop next generation tools
> for converting physical machines to virtual machines, and to provide ways
> to file system modification utilities like backup and patch management in
> a scalable manner.
> SDK Engineer  -  Design a Webservices API for management of VMware
> virtualization products and work on VirtualCenter server that implements
> the API.  In addition, develop an SDK containing samples using the API
> that will be used by VMware partners and customers to build cutting-edge
> applications. Work with open web service standards such as WS-I and
> storage standards such as CIM and SMI-S.
> UI Engineer  -  Design and develop user interface for next generation
> enterprise computing resource management system. Will have a proven track
> record in delivering commercial quality user interfaces. The ideal
> candidate should have good interaction and visual design acumen.
> Experience in distributed computing and systems-management applications is
> a plus.
> Sr. Applications Developer - Capacity Planner.  Positions are in the
> process of being created. Higher level non-systems server, will involve
> Database Development, and also require knowledge of Web technologies at
> the UI level - things like XML, Soap, Java, typical VB application Dev.,
> Cold Fusion. Also, database performance engineers who have worked on
> Oracles enterprise manager. Experience with performance monitoring of
> windows/Linux systems is also a big plus.  Need to be a developer rather
> than an analysts or consultant. Ideally this person will have kind of a
> generalist background and have done business Web Applications. Smart &
> know and can learn concepts is key.
> VIM - Security - 6 newly created positions at varying levels from New
> Grad. to Senior Staff Software Engineer   with strong distributed systems,
> client-server and scalable applications development experience. The
> candidate will participate in and provide technical leadership for the
> design, implementation and delivery of the next generation of applications
> that leverage the virtual machine infrastructure and provide added value
> to the customer.
> Responsibilities
> .         Design and develop virtual machine-based next generation
> applications focused on delivering value in the areas of patch management,
> vuln
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