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[job list] Job opportunities at Palantir Technologies

What follows is a recruiting pitched aimed at software engineers, IT
folks, designers, and technical writers.

So, please, forward this to anyone you know who might be interested.

The summary of what we're looking for:

* Graphic/UI designer
* Software Engineers for custom GUI apps and enterprise data servers.
* Technical writers
* IT/Ops people
* US Citizens
* Relocation is not a problem

Some of you might remember Palantir's presentations to ACM and CSGSO's
FE! in Janruary.

Palantir (yes, it's a Tolkien reference[1]) builds software that aids
people in the conceptual exploration of data. We build systems based
on certain techniques pioneered at PayPal to fight fraud (and our team
is composed a number of alumni from that group at PayPal).  

Palantir is creating systems and tools to revolutionize information
analysis; We're looking for top engineers who are interested in our
mission and our technologies.  Better human-driven tools are needed to
explore and analyze the subtle connections within vast networks of
heterogeneous data.  Think data mining and data visualization.

The business side is well-managed by a well-connected and experienced
groups of folks. We're well funded and we have paying customers followed
by a line of other customers who want our software yesterday.

We're very well positioned for success and we're looking for some
great engineers to help us succeed.

The company is located in Palo Alto, has good benefits, feeds us three
square meals a day, and pays reasonable salaries paired with generous
equity grants.  The team is very sharp and motivated and the culture
is friendly and fun, but seriously committed to shipping products that
change the way people look at data. The team is small and we're looking for
people to be key players in a growing company.

I'm sorry that this is kind of vague and teaserish.  We're currenlty operating
in semi-stealth mode.  I have more information available for qualified
candidates and a lot more for those that sign an NDA.  

More information on open positions is available at:


Note that information on the graphic design position is not available
on the website.  Here's the quick blurb:

We are looking for a talented and passionate graphic designer that
will help Palantir address the challenge of effectively communicating
Palantir.s unique approach to data analysis through web and print
design. The applicant should be self-motivated, creative and have a
strong desire to learn. Applicant should have a mastery of Flash and
the Adobe Suite. A background in application UI design and/or print
marketing design is a plus.

The graphic designer will be responsible for:
. Print marketing design
. Application UI design
. Technology document design

The graphic designer will be working directly with the executive staff
on a daily basis.

Salary is competitive and includes excellent benefits including equity

Feel free to email me directly at regs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, at this
address, or call me at (415) 720-3215 with interest or any questions.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantir

Ari Gordon-Schlosberg <regs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Senior Software Engineer