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[job list] Startup Opportunity

Dear ACM members,

We received this invitation from a UIUC alum (in Computer Science), Jason Barnes. He is currently setting up a new company, with products geared towards small businesses. I invite you to take him up on his offer.

"Are you interested in helping a new startup company?  Are you
Interested in the growing small business world?  Do you enjoy
programming? If so, we have a great opportunity for you! Get involved
in a new project to create small business enterprise systems.  We
ALREADY have our first customer and a baseline product that needs your
help. We are looking for programmers with experience outlined below.
If you are interested, please email us your resume and any additional
information to sbisgen@xxxxxxxxx by April 24!"

Needed Requirements:

Hosting Experience
                Version Control
Software Design
                Object Oriented Design
                Database Design
Internet Technology
                ASP.NET – C#
                JS – Ajax

-- Andres J. Tack
   ACM Corporate