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[job list] Google: Associate Product Manager & Other Opportunities

   Hello all,
   I'm writing to let you know about an appealing opportunity at Google for
   upcoming grads (and recent grads). I've actually just arrived on the UIUC
   campus, and would love to meet with anyone who is interested.
   As background, I graduated just last year with a degree in Computer Science
   and have since been working at Google as an Associate Product Manager (APM).
   I've  been  focused  on  improving  Google's  cutting-edge core search
   infrastructure technology as well as optimizing the use of our massive
   computing resources. Beyond all the benefits that Google always provides,
   the APM program offers additional significant career development benefits
   (details below).
   We are actively recruiting for APMs and have found CS folks to be great
   candidates   for   this   position,   as  it  is  definitely  still  a
   technically-challenging role. We have positions both in Mountain View, CA
   (San Francisco area), and New York City. We are looking for people who can
   start  any  time  between now and the end of 2006 and who are about to
   graduate, or have graduated in the past year or two. Below I've included a
   description of the program as written by a fellow APM. :)
   If you'd like to meet while I'm on campus, please shoot me an email at
   dpeterson@xxxxxxxxxx (it'd be helpful to include a resume).
   If it logistically doesn't work out to meet this soon, but you are still
   interested, please send me a resume.
   Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you,
   -Dan Peterson
   P.S. While the focus of this email is about the APM program, Google is
   *always*  hiring for essentially every position (software engineering,
   project manager, sys admin, tech writer, sales, finance, etc), so please
   feel free to send me contacts or resumes for other positions.
   What is an APM?
   An APM (Associate Product Manager) is the rare person with the raw talent to
   do  anything,  and  do  it  well:  They  are expert product designers,
   technically-savvy, masterful salespeople, business visionaries, and natural
   leaders. They are the ones who will change the world. Today they join the
   APM program and start making their mark right out of school.
   What is the APM program?
   The APM program is designed to allow these exceptional individuals to reach
   their  full  potential by giving them the resources to cultivate their
   unparalleled talent. We invest more into our APMs than any other company has
   ever invested into young employees, because we don't see the APMs as just
   another group college grads. We envision a world where everyone is awed by
   the fact that Google's Executives, the best CEOs in Silicon Valley, and the
   most well respected leaders of global non-profits all came through the
   Google APM program.
   Each APM receives:
   * a management coach (the same ones who coach our executives)
   * ownership of strategically critical Google product(s)
   * a personal relationship with our senior executives, including Larry,
   Sergey, and Eric
   * individually tailored professional development classes
   * a trip around the world to see how global business works
   * the freedom to take any idea and run with it
   *  rotation  through  Google for a holistic understanding of business,
   strategy, and product development
   * access to the powerful network of past APMs
   * much, much more
   We do all of this because we see APMs as the next generation of global
   leaders with the power to change the world today. So, do you want to start
   making your mark?