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[job list] C# Development Position Open

RealmWare Corporation is looking for a software engineer experienced with C#, C++.NET, Visual Studio 2005, Managed DirectX, and object-oriented design for their Microsoft .NET and XNA-based Visual3D.NET platform, 3D game engine, and visual development environment. Developers in all locations with a portfolio of past work and interest in revenue-based stake earning compensation are eligible for this remotely-located, telecommuting position.

The following is a priority-ranked list of required skills, experience, and attributes:

1.    C# Expertise (2+ Years)
2.    Portfolio of Past Work (especially design-for-user/developer: Tools, Frameworks, and UIs)
3.    Experience with DirectX (ideally Managed DirectX)
4.    Honesty/Trustworthiness
5.    Time Availability/Commitment (20+ hours per week, continued during school year)
6.    Object-oriented Design & Refactoring
7.    Experience with Agile or XP (Iterative, Explorative, etc.) Software Engineering
8.    English Proficiency (written and spoken)
9.    Telecommuting Communication Experience (via email, IM, and conference calls)
10.   Pride and Passion in Work

Development tasks and areas of specialization may include HLSL Shaders, Navigational AI, Facial Morphing, Physics, Rag-doll Animation, Format Conversions, and Massive-multiplayer Networking, so experience in these areas is beneficial.

Please send all resumes & inquiries to Mike Turner at mturner@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mike Turner
RealmWare Corporation | Visual3D.NET
Champaign, IL  61820
Mobile: 847.445.9507
Fax: 425.484.5909