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[job list] part time programming position for undergraduate

The Cognitive Computation Lab of the Artificial 
Intelligence Group at the Department of Computer Science and Beckman Institute is seeking an undergraduate research programmer. 

We are doing state of the art work in developing learning algorithms and inference methods for natural language understanding.  We are looking for someone to maintain and improve existing software and web demonstrations. 

Experience in C++, Perl a must. Experience with user interfaces, Java, web development a plus. 
Must be available to work 10-15 hours/week during the  spring/fall semesters.   

Pay is $10-12/hour depending on experience.
If interested, please email background and qualifications, 
including all computer science, math, or ECE courses taken and GPA to:  
Professor Dan Roth  danr@xxxxxxxxxxx 
Mark Sammons   mssammon@xxxxxxxx