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[job list] Courion is growing -- Software Developer / QA Engineer positions opening soon


  I was in ACM back in my college days (class of ’01) and I’m looking for some great people from ACM to join me here in Framingham, MA.  Courion is growing and fast this year.  We are growing our engineering staff by about 12 heads this year.   If you are graduating soon or are just starting out in your career in computer programming / QA work…consider us.  I really like the work environment here.  It is a good place to learn, a good place to grow and a good place to prosper.  If you are at all interested in working here, please send me your resume.  Its worth money to me and I’d love to have some more fellow ACMers join me here at Courion.


The jobs that I know about are:
Software Developer

  • entry level to junior
  • C++ good
  • .net / C# good

QA Engineer

  • entry level to junior

Software Development Manager

  • mid-range experience (I think)

All the current jobs we have are posted here:

The new jobs will be up within a day or three.

At this time, we're not looking for any agencies or recruiters to help us...we want to see what we can find thru our social networks.

Here is some info on Courion if anybody asks:


Courion's focused innovation simplifies the complexities of provisioning to immediately impact its customers' business and provide lasting results. Unlike competitive technologies that concentrate on security-centric solutions at the expense of business operations, Courion takes a holistic approach to provisioning by securely connecting people to critical enterprise resources. Working within an organization's existing IT environment to provide immediate pain point relief, Courion securely automates routine, manual processes for user provisioning, password management, audit and regulatory compliance, and profile management.


Courion was founded in 1996 and introduced PasswordCourier®, the industry's first self-service password reset and password synchronization solution. Today, Courion provides enterprise-level provisioning solutions through its Enterprise Provisioning Suite to over 270 companies. Courion is a privately-held company headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA.

Courion's Enterprise Provisioning Suite

Courion's products securely automate routine, manual processes for user provisioning, password and profile management, industry and regulatory compliance, profile management and digital certificate management. By leveraging the existing infrastructure and integrating disparate workflows within the enterprise, Courion solutions drive operational efficiency, optimize user productivity, strengthen security, reduce costs and ensure efficiency in achieving policy compliance. Its product suite offers the broadest spectrum of user support, facilitating multi-dimensional views of security administration, help desk and end user staff, while maximizing security policy automation and business value delivered. Each product in the Suite can be purchased and implemented independently, or together as Courion's Enterprise Provisioning Suite.


Courion is backed by $32 million in premier venture capital. In November 2004 Courion secured $5 million in Series E financing through new investor Paladin Capital Group's Homeland Security fund. Previously Courion secured $9 million in Series D financing led by QuestMark Partners and over $17 in financing led by QuestMark and JMI Equity.