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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of April 16th, 2007

With postings from:
Kim Laboratories,Inc
Visual Information Technologies, Inc.


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Kim Laboratories,Inc
Contact: Ikro Joe <ijoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-337-6666
Hiring for:  Part-time Intern/Co-op
Kim Laboratories is looking for a person who is self motivated and
intellectually stimulated to investigate scientific feasibility of new
and challenging projects.

1.	Initial project will include testing a software interfacing PC and
micro controller.
2.	Maintain proper documentation of all project related with Software.
3.	Willing to be trained to Opto-mechanics. 
4.	Interdisciplinary work with microbiologist and mechanical engineers.
5.	Preparing manual for customer.
6.	Work independently or as a team member.

Main skills and experience:
1.   Software development experience 
2..NET development in C#, Windows Forms (requirement).
3. Experience working with databases (preferably MS SQL Server)
4.   Experience in interfacing PC and micro controller is strongly
5.   Good communication skill with mechanical engineers.
6.   Web and DB administration (plus).

Accountability and Reporting:
1. Directly accountable to project leader (report activities,
accomplish¬ments, and problems).
2. Provide weekly progress reports.
3. Exhibit a sense of urgency to get things done.

Other helpful skills: 
1.	Web. And DB administration
2.	C++ or JAVA programming
3.	Main skills are critical measure of determination


Title: Application Programmer
Company: Visual Information Technologies, Inc.
Contact: Randy Sandone <rsandone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 217 344-7876
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Conceive, write, and test enhancements and extensions to unique visual
content-creation program.  Target market audience for the product is the
global social networking demographic.  Product is used to create
visually compelling, information-rich, online content for posting to
social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and others.  The
challenge is to develop enhancements that push the envelope, add real
value, and are ridiculously easy to use.

Need up to three programmers for the summer.  Salary plus bonus. 
Candidates should have solid C#, .NET programming skills, reliable work
ethic, and "have fun" personality.