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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of November 3rd, 2007

With postings from:
Rante Corporation
FIRM Consulting


Title: Web site design & programming
Company: Rante Corporation
Contact: Timothy J. Los <jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (347)886-2440
Hiring for: Full-time Part-time Intern/Co-op
Rante Corporation is a New York based corpoation that specializes in
software and technology for the Department of Transportation and the
Department of Defense. We are currently seeking self-motivated
individuals for web site design and programming of the Envizn
(www.envizn.com) product family. Any and all programming and desgin
languages are accepted. We are currently offering an opportunity for
individual(s)to compete for the Cheif Information Officer (CIO) position
within all of Rante Corporation. 

The individual(s) have to be self-motivated and achieve goals set by the
Board of Directors and related senior executives within Rante

Please send your resume and related work to jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx After
the review of your application, we will contact you with additional
infomation upon the approval of your resume.


Title: Case Practice
Company: FIRM Consulting
Contact: Anthony Philipp <philipp1@xxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  Intern/Co-op

Do you want to work for one of the top consulting firms in the world? 

Apply to The FIRM Consulting and get the training that enabled FIRM
members to obtain:
?	5 of 7 final round interview spots with Bain & Company
?	2 of 3 final round interview spots with Mckinsey & Company

The FIRM Consulting is a selective consulting organization. The FIRM
chooses members based on their interest, potential and qualifications
for a consulting career. Throughout the year, members participate in
weekly case practices and attend workshops hosted by graduating seniors
and others with consulting experience.

The FIRM Consulting will also provide networking opportunities with
alumni of The FIRM and other Illinois alumni in the consulting industry.
This would serve as a forum for those passionate about consulting to
connect and help each other. We are confident that this networking will
add the extra value needed to differentiate our members from those who
are solid at case interviews to those who are strong at cases AND have a
strong network of support within the industry.

Applications are now open at www.firmconsulting.org and are due by
November 11th at 1 PM CST. 

Kindest regards,
The FIRM Consulting

Apply online: 

Sunday, November 11th

- 1st year MBA, Junior or Sophomore status