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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of January 12th, 2008

With postings from:


Title: Software Engineer
Company: SpaceX
Contact: Mike Dabrowski <mjdabrow@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  Intern/Co-op
SpaceX has an opening for an entry-level software developer as well as
intern positions.  The person in this role will work closely with flight
software developers to support development of ground tools and
verification of flight software for our rockets and spaceships.

We're looking for a very smart and enthusiastic candidate with lots of
experience working with computers and software programming.  Programming
experience does not have to be in industry; a history of personal
projects, academic research, or extracurricular activities is perfectly
acceptable. A computer science or computer engineering degree is
preferred. US citizens or permanent residents only.

Desired experience includes: linux, perl, C, C++, shell scripting,
networks. Experience with realtime systems, embedded software, unit
testing, and VxWorks is helpful but not necessary. 

Example tasks include:

- Developing/maintaining tools to generate command/telemetry data
descriptions for software interfaces with the International Space
- Developing/maintaining tools to create, analyze, and control
configuration files used by software running on SpaceX flight vehicles. 
- Working with software/hardware which is used to simulate portions of
flight vehicles for testing with flight hardware.  This includes
developing/maintaining software, building hardware racks, and running
simulated vehicle flights. 
- Working with launch operations and mission operations groups to aide
in coordination of interfaces between flight software and operations
- Aiding with gathering, writing, and maintaining flight software
requirements and specifications. 
- Aiding with flight software verification activities such as: code
reviews, developing unit tests, and running static code analysis tools. 
- Aiding in maintaining software development tools such as source code
repositories, automated build systems, and bug tracking databases. 

Please email resumes/questions to Mike Dabrowski (mjdabrow@xxxxxxxxxx)

More about SpaceX:
SpaceX is developing a family of launch vehicles intended to reduce the
cost and increase the reliability of both manned and unmanned space
transportation ultimately by a factor of ten. With its Falcon line of
launch vehicles, powered by Merlin engines, SpaceX is able to offer
light, medium and heavy lift capabilities to deliver spacecraft into any
inclination and altitude, from low Earth orbit to geosynchronous orbit
to planetary missions. 

As winner of the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services
competition, SpaceX will conduct three flights of its Falcon 9 launch
vehicle and Dragon spacecraft for NASA. This will culminate in Dragon
berthing with the International Space Station and returning safely to
Earth. When the Shuttle retires in 2010, Falcon 9 / Dragon will have the
opportunity to replace the Shuttle in servicing the Space Station. 


Title: Application Developer (IT Fast Track Program)
Company: Nationwide
Contact: Lindsey Lefelhoc <lefelhl1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 614-249-9861
Hiring for: Full-time  
Information Technology Fast Track Program

Nationwide is a Fortune 104 financial services company that relies
heavily on Information Technology (IT). Nationwide has over $157 billion
in statutory assets. It&#8217;s a key success factor that we deliver
innovative and effective IT products and services to the company. And we
have a unique opportunity for some of the country&#8217;s best IT

What&#8217;s the IT Fast Track Program?
The Nationwide IT Fast Track Program is an intensive, three-month
program designed to develop our next wave of computer programmers and
place them in full-time leadership positions. It&#8217;s a series of
structured training and work experience in some of the most high profile
IT projects in the company. This is your chance to show you have what it

The program offers: 
Tailored Training: If you&#8217;re selected, you&#8217;ll participate in
an in depth and hands-on technology bootcamp that will allow you to
learn more about Nationwide&#8217;s IT operations and infrastructure. 
Mentoring Partnerships: You&#8217;ll work with an experienced mentor who
will provide career perspectives and help ensure your success. 
Project Assignments: You&#8217;ll spend four months in on-the-job
training on some of the most important, high profile projects in the
Coaching and Feedback: It&#8217;s one of our key organizational values.
You&#8217;ll give and receive constructive coaching and feedback before,
during and after your assignment. 
Professional Networking: You&#8217;ll have unparalleled access to
networking opportunities across the organization. 
Long-Term Placement: After you successfully complete the program,
Nationwide will assign you to a position of impact at the corporate
level or in a business unit.

Who Should Apply?
The IT Fast Track Program will challenge your assumptions and bust your
comfort zones. We&#8217;re looking for graduates who can show they have
what it takes to become a future leader in the organization.
Specifically, that means: 
&#8226; Pursuing a bachelor&#8217;s degree in a technology discipline,
such as computer science, management information systems, or
engineering, and graduating by June 2008. 
&#8226; Superior academic achievement 3.0 GPA minimum
&#8226; School or professional experiences that demonstrate leadership
&#8226; Excellent communication and analytical skills. 
&#8226; The ability to think critically and strategically. 
&#8226; A strong commitment to learning and teamwork.

Please apply via the ECS online job system, www.uiucengineeringjobs.com.
Or send your resume to lefelhl1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx