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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of April 12th, 2008

With postings from:
Discovery Engine
Perception and Decision Lab, UIUC
Finish Your Dinner Inc.
Illinois Business Consulting


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Discovery Engine
Contact: Lauren Roth <lroth@xxxxxxxxxxx> 610-771-0346 x1098
Hiring for: Full-time  
Job Level: Full-Time
Job Title: Fun San Francisco Startup Looking for Talented Software
Job Description: Our Client is creating a next-generation search engine.
 They believe that it is time to rethink what search is, in the context
of modern computer resources.  Since the late 90&#8217;s there have been
dramatic increases in bandwidth, computer speed, storage, the scale of
the web, and desktop monitors.  But at the same time, the paradigm of
search has not changed.  Their focus is on creating a new interaction
model that makes it easier to find information.  This leads to a number
of challenges related to language understanding, user interface design,
and computer systems engineering.  The company is growing rapidly and is
currently looking for creative and ambitious software engineers who are
eager to tackle difficult challenges and to create something new in a
team setting.  
Responsibilities:  Code high quality systems for dealing with web-scale
data; Implement high-volume, fault-tolerant systems; Work on a team to
achieve difficult goals; Profile existing code; Interact with and
improve code base developed by other engineers; be able to deal with any
and all obstacles.  
	*Competitive Salary
	*Medical, dental and vision plans with no premium for employees
	*Generous Stock Options
	*Top of the line workstation that includes a 30&#8221; monitor
*Weekly company sponsored happy hour
*Opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with fun, talented people

Job Requirements:
	*B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
	*Strong background in either C++ or Java (or both)
	*Coding experience on Linux or Unix
	*Ability to work in a team
	*Good communication skills
	*Demonstrated success completing large projects
The following are not required, but are a plus:
        *Familiarity with Python
	*Background in networking, server architecture
	*Experience with large code bases
	*Experience with distributed systems
	*Designer architecture skills
	*Experience with MapReduce

**Please direct resumes and questions to Lauren Roth at
lroth@xxxxxxxxxxx (610) 771-0346 x1098*


Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Company: Perception and Decision Lab, UIUC
Contact: Arvind Ganesh <abalasu2@xxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  
The Perception and Decision Lab is part of the research group of Prof.
Yi  Ma, ECE Dept. We are located in the Coordinated Science Lab.

We have a vacancy for a summer research assistant (undergraduate). We're
looking for a candidate who is proficient in C/C++ and/or Java, with
experience in user interface programming and a working understanding of
basic data structures and algorithms. The work will involve developing a
user interface for a prototype face recognition system. Experience in
image processing or multimedia systems is preferred, but not essential.
We require a time commitment of 20-30 hours a week and about 10 weeks in

Please email your resume, including details of relevant projects that
you've worked on previously.


Title: PHP/MySQL consultant
Company: Finish Your Dinner Inc.
Contact: Kimberly Sugden <kjs116@xxxxxxxxx> 217.840-9374
Hiring for:  Part-time 

I am looking for a php MySQL consultant to help me with a client project
that my marketing/web development company is working for.  The client
has agreed to pay well for hours worked in helping develop the coding.  

All the graphics design and website coding is done, you do not need to
worry about any of this.  We basically now need to pull information from
the client's main SQL database into the body of the pages to ensure that
they are dynamic.  We even have old code from the current website that
you can look at when integrating the php into this new website.  There
are both search result pages and individual product pages that need this

I would greatly appreciate your help.  Please send me an email if you
are interested and I will arrange for a meeting with the client.

Kindest regards,


Title: Technology Consultant
Company: Illinois Business Consulting
Contact: Ankit Chandra <achandr4@xxxxxxxx> 217 778 8332
Hiring for:  Part-time 
Technology consultants are a part of Illinois Business Consulting's
(IBC) Technology Initiative. They are involved in analyzing the business
requirements of IBC, and then using technological tools to meet those

Technology consultants are responsible for the whole software
development life cycle right from requirement gathering to launch of the
software system.

Illinois Business Consulting provides a great platform to work on
technology from a business perspective and get work experience not only
in developing an enterprise systems, but also understand the business
value of it.

Parallel movements are possible into IBC's consultant wing should a
technology consultant wish to do so.

Working knowledge of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) systems is desired,
Work experience with web technologies is valued highly.

The position holds $12/hr and required a 10 hr/week commitment.