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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of April 17th, 2008

With postings from:
CleanMake, Inc.


Title: Summer Intern, program analysis and data mining
Company: CleanMake, Inc.
Contact: Sameer Sundresh <jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Curious about how startups work?  Try working at one...

CleanMake, Inc. is a small, venture-backed early-stage startup based on
University of Illinois research.  Our revolutionary data mining approach
to software quality has already helped several major customers quickly
identify programming patterns and subtle bugs hidden deep in
multi-million line codebases.  But there's so much more we'd like to do.
 Are you up for the challenge?  Join us this summer for an internship in
Champaign or San Jose!

People at CleanMake who you may know:

Brett Daniel, Don Hayes, Erik Hinterbichler, Weihang Jiang, Zhenmin Li,
Xiao Ma, David Majnemer, Matt Ronge, Sameer Sundresh, Jed Taylor, Spiros
Xanthos, Chunlan Yao, YY Zhou, Qingbo Zhu

Who we're looking for:
- Java, JavaScript, C, C++ programmers
- User interface designers
- AJAX and graphics web designers
- Software engineering toolmakers
- Language implementors
- Data mining gurus
- Distributed systems architects
- Linux systems administrators

Any of those sound like you?  Interested in startups?  E-mail us your