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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of September 15th, 2008

With postings from:
One Llama Media, Inc.
IMC Chicago
Pattern Insight
Sun Microsystems


Title: Data Services Engineer
Company: One Llama Media, Inc.
Contact: Amit Sudharshan <amit@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-649-0030
Hiring for: Full-time Part-time Intern/Co-op
OneLlama Media Inc. is looking to expand its data services team. At
least one developer is sought with experience in as many of the
following areas as possible:

&#8226;	Java, including Tomcat web applications (JSP and Servlets)
&#8226;	Objective-C (Iphone development experience very helpful)
&#8226;	XML  and Web services (JSON)
&#8226;	PHP
&#8226;	MySQL
&#8226;	Lucene or Apache SOLR
&#8226;	Linux system admin (Ubuntu, Debian or Suse)
&#8226;	Adobe Flash/Actionscript (not esssential but maybe useful)
&#8226;	Javascript (not esssential but maybe useful)
&#8226;	Minimum 2 years experience working in production environments

A successful candidate will be expected to help OneLlama roll out its
online Music and Internet Radio search tools by writing and maintaining
existing web-service adapters to OneLlama's Java content and CF search
tools that will be used by our interfaces and B2B teams, maintain and
expand our database infrastructure, maintain and improve our Metadata
search capabilities/web-services and to administrate our compute,
database and storage servers.

Salary and benefits will depend on experience.


Title: Developer
Company: IMC Chicago
Contact: Elizabeth Zeidner <elizabeth.zeidner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 312-244-3312
Hiring for: Full-time  
Position: Developer
Company Description:
IMC Chicago is a leading, proprietary trading firm active in North
American markets as a wholly owned subsidiary of IMC of Amsterdam, one
of the largest derivatives trading houses in Europe.  Our traders
actively trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE),
Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
(CME), the NYSE Arca, and the International Securities Exchange (ISE)
all through screen-based trading. Technology is at the core of our
business. Our traders and IT professionals work closely together to
achieve results. We are currently active in indices, equity options,
cash futures, and quantitative trading strategies. 
Job Description
IMC has a very wide range of development needs.  The Developer supports
the development of trading applications used worldwide in our offices in
Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Hong Kong.  These applications must meet
very high development standards and must perform well in a very speed
intensive environment.  The Junior Developer will work closely on all
parts of the development lifecycle.
&#8226;	System Design
o	Collects requirements from end users
o	Supports technical design
o	Determines and executes maintenance of applications
&#8226;	Application Design
o	Involved in the analysis and design of cost-effective short and long
term solutions
&#8226;	Programming
o	Design and build software code based on technical design
o	Develops specifications and application structure
o	Maintenance and optimization of application

Qualifications &amp; Experience: 
&#8226;	Bachelors or higher in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
with emphasis on software development
&#8226;	(minimum 3.0 GPA if straight from school)
&#8226;	Strong experience with Object Oriented Programming
&#8226;	Good experience with all phases of the development lifecycle

&#8226;	Java 
&#8226;	C++
&#8226;	MYSQL Development 
&#8226;	Some Visual Basic 
&#8226;	Linux 

&#8226;	Analytical
&#8226;	Highly motivated
&#8226;	Innovative
&#8226;	Strong initiative
&#8226;	Quick learner and thinker
&#8226;	Ability to work well in groups
&#8226;	An interest in financial markets

Website:	www.imc-chicago.com


Title: Part-time software engineers
Company: Pattern Insight
Contact: Matt Ronge <matt.ronge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (815) 245-5681
Hiring for:  Part-time 
Pattern Insight was founded at the Computer Science department by
Professor Yuanyuan Zhou, Zhenmin Li, Spiros Xanthos, and Qingbo Zhu.
It is currently based in San Jose and has offices in Champaign and
Shanghai. Pattern Insight is looking for smart, passionate students to
work part time and push our technologies forward.

We are applying our tools to mining, analyzing and searching systems
data, like source code and log files. We apply our algorithms on
terabytes of data across clusters of machines, and we need help in
expanding our reach.

We have been growing at a fast pace and have large customers that use
our system on a daily basis.

If you're interested in:

* Distributed cluster management - Our software needs to be easy to
  manage and run seamlessly across dozens of machines

* Large scale data processing - We run our algorithms on huge amounts
  of data and we need the infrastructure to do that. Learn how to use
  Hadoop (like Google's MapReduce), HBase (like Google's BigTable), and 
  use information retrieval toolkits, while using our own distributed

* Fault detection and handling - Create a systems to detect component
  failures and automatically restart them.

* Automatic testing of our distributed systems - Build internal tools
  to help automatically run large scale test cases.

* Web development - We have work to be done on our products like
  enhancements to our code browser and internal tools to develop like a
  testing management center.

* User interface design - We're always looking for ways to improve our
  ease of use, if you have an eye for design, or are interested in HCI 
  we have plenty of work.

* Parsing - We need to parse hundreds of data formats without prior
  knowledge of the structure of the file. 

If you any of these things sound interesting, then Pattern Insight is
the right place for you. Join us and work on interesting problems,
while gaining fantastic work experience, the kind of experience you
can only get at a startup like Pattern Insight. Make a real impact and
have fun while doing it.

For more information contact:

Matt Ronge


Title: $450 fundraiser for student group 
Company: Sun Microsystems
Contact: Myles Lennon <myles@clubfunding> 415 6923125
Hiring for:  Part-time 
ClubFunding has been providing student organizations with fundraising
opportunities for the last 6 years. We have a fundraising opportunity
for a student group coming up at U of Illinois- Urbana Champaign. This
fundraiser is for Sun Microsystems.
The fundraiser is to promote &#8220;Software Freedom Day&#8221; and Sun
Microsystems involvement.  This will involve distributing flyers in
computer and engineering classrooms, hanging 150 posters around campus,
and giving a short 1-2 minute presentation explaining Software Freedom
Day and Sun MicroSystem&#8217;s involvement with open source software. 
We will pay your organization $400 plus $50in bonus opportunities for
participating in this fundraiser. 
If there is interest in participating please respond ASAP.  Please
include your phone number and the best times to reach you.  
Thank you in advance.