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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of September 27th, 2009

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Title: Software Development Engineer
Company: Amazon
Contact: Meg Leverson <uiuc-resumes@xxxxxxxxxx> 206 266 7522
Hiring for: Full-time  
Have a direct impact on the evolution of Amazon eCommerce platform and
lead mission critical projects early in your career!  At Amazon you will
design, code, and contribute to solving some of the most complex
technical challenges in the areas of Platform, Applications, Operations,
Retail, Transaction Systems, and Merchants!

Software Development Engineer:

&#8226;	Strong, object-oriented design and coding skills (C/C++ and/or
Java preferably on a
     UNIX or Linux platform)
&#8226;	Knowledge of Perl or other scripting languages a plus
&#8226;	Experience with distributed (multi-tiered) systems, algorithms,
and relational databases
&#8226;	Experience in optimization mathematics (linear programming,
nonlinear optimization)
&#8226;	Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and
&#8226;	Deal well with ambiguous/undefined problems; ability to think
&#8226;	Computer Science/Computer Engineering degree (or related
technical discipline)
&#8226;	Previous technical internship preferred
&#8226;	Graduate degree a plus

About Amazon.com:
Amazon.com was founded in July 1994 with a vision of building the
Earth's most customer-centric company where visitors can find and
discover anything they want to buy online.  That vision has grown from
an online bookstore run out of Bezos' garage to a Fortune 500 company
operating in six countries with a selection that includes millions of
products in an ever-growing number of categories.  Amazon.com leverages
its $900 million investment in technology to offer its customers
unparalleled shopping experiences.  Based in Seattle, Amazon.com has
hundreds of software engineers working on some of the most interesting
technical challenges on the planet.  As a member of our team,
you&#8217;ll be part of the evolution of e-commerce and learn from
industry leaders. You'll be joining a scientific culture focused on
achieving aggressive goals.  Many of the challenges we encounter have
never been dealt with before on this scale, if at all.

How to Apply:

For consideration and to learn more, please submit an application BOTH
through your career center&#8217;s online system as well as

About Seattle:

Founded in 1869, the City of Seattle is located in the State of
Washington on Puget Sound, 113 miles (182 km) from the U.S.-Canadian
border. Seattle is a commercial, cultural and advanced technology hub of
the US Pacific Northwest and a major port city for trans-Pacific and
European trade. Surrounded by mountains and water, the greater Seattle
area features picture-perfect views and abundant recreational
opportunities year-round.

Seattle may be the only city where you can scuba dive, watch the salmon
run, go to the symphony, and visit the market all within city limits. It
sits one to three hours from Portland; Vancouver, B.C.; the Olympic
Peninsula; the Cascade Mountains; and the San Juan Islands. So you can
hike, ski, mountain bike, rock climb, fish, whale watch, island hop, or
check out other cities on day trips. 

Greater Seattle excels in livability with a mild climate, affordable
housing, a full range of arts, cultural and sporting events, an
abundance of shops and restaurants, and easy access to outdoor
recreational activities throughout the year. Seattle&#8217;s mild
winters and cool summers enable year-round outdoor activities. High
temperatures in July average about 75&#176; F (24&#176; C), while low
temperatures in winter drop below freezing an average of only 15 days
per year. Average yearly rainfall in Seattle is 36.2 inches (92 cm),
compared to 19.5 inches (50 cm) in San Francisco, 34.5 (88 cm) in
Chicago, 39 inches (99 cm) in Washington, D.C. and 40.3 inches (102 cm)
in New York City.

There are millions of reasons to live in Seattle. It's a safe city with
good schools and growing property values, and it's one of the few cities
that is both cutting-edge and livable. It's a high-tech industry hub and
home to several market leaders, but boasts of more than 6,100 acres of
city parks. With a greater-metropolitan area population just over 2.5
million, Seattle has big-city resources with a small-city feel.