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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of April 2nd, 2010

With postings from:
On Point Technology, Inc


Title: Systems Engineer, Performance Engineer, Summer Intern
Company: RethinkDB
Contact: Slava Akhmechet <slava@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  Intern/Co-op
Working at RethinkDB truly involves disruptive technology and solving
interesting, challenging problems. Building caching algorithms, advanced
data structures, and lock-free concurrency primitives from scratch is
just business as usual here.

While everyone at RethinkDB has the determination to move heaven and
earth to succeed, we prefer to get stuff done quickly and go home to our
families, instead of living our lives in the office. As an additional
perk to our employees, we work very hard to hire only self-motivated
people smarter than ourselves.

Open salaries, Great benefits

Everyone at RethinkDB gets a benefits package and four weeks of paid
vacation. Everyone\'s salary is determined based on the depth of their
skills and the level of experience. Every engineer has a clear
understanding of everyone\'s position in the company, and the possible
range of their compensation. While we expect the compensation structure
to evolve as the company matures, our current structure is as follows:

Position, Salary, Stock Options
Intern 50K-60K, prorated, n/a
Engineer I, 65K-75K, 0.25% - 0.75%
Engineer II, 80K-90K, 1.0% - 1.5%
Engineer III, 95K-105K, 1.75% - 2.25%

Technical background.

Solid knowledge of basic Computer Science.
An understanding of the complexities of systems software.
You know C or C++ like the back of your hand.
An understanding of native operating system APIs.
Good mathematical intuition.

Character traits.

The determination to move heaven and earth to succeed.
The ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely.
An irrational desire for world domination.

Systems Engineer

Design, implement, and maintain database internals code.
Use research papers to implement state of the art indexing, caching, and
garbage collection data structures and algorithms.
Profile, identify, and remove performance bottlenecks.
Write code that is robust even under the most hostile workloads.
Ensure your software is documented and testable.
Additional Skills:
Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen and Leiserson is your trusty
You know a functional language (like Haskell or Lisp) and understand
some purely functional data structures.
You\'re not afraid of diving into Linux kernel source code.
You understand database internals (no SQL, we promise).
For that matter, you think SQL is a terribly designed language.
Send your resume to jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Performance Engineer

Design, implement, maintain, and automate benchmark suites for hardware
and software components.
Run benchmarks on regular basis; analyze and visualize resulting
experimental data.
Design, implement, maintain, and automate test suits for all commonly
accepted testing levels (integration, regression, A/B, etc.)
Ensure all software products meet performance and quality
Visualize and document results on various mediums (public blog posts,
internal wiki, etc.)
Additional Skills:
Understanding of hypothesis testing and other basic statistical methods.
Ability to dive into external software components (the kernel, the
filesystem, glibc, etc.) to pinpoint bugs and performance bottlenecks.
Ability to use scripting for automation (Python, Bash, etc.)
Experience analyzing large volumes of experimental data.
Patience and rigor necessary for systems-level research.
Send your resume to jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Title: Software Engineer
Company: On Point Technology, Inc
Contact: Pam Tatro <recruiting@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  
On Point Technology is a private software company employing technology
enthusiasts who deliver the commercially available web-based software
products in support of state workforce agencies.  
On Point Technology is looking for an individual with a degree in
computer programming, software engineering, or system engineering from
an accredited four year college or university.  A demonstrable aptitude
in Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server),
object-oriented development procedures (UML, rational unified process)
and specific development tools (Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, NAnt,
NUnit, QA Wizard) is a plus.  
This person will report to an On Point Technology Product Manager.  As a
member of the product development team, you will focus on application
development, systems implementation work, and software maintenance â??
providing practical programming and technology implementation for our
customers.  Strong written and verbal communication skills are a must as
this position will require you to interact with our customers and
represent our products.
Desired Skills
â?¢	Strong grasp of Object Oriented design principles.
â?¢	Demonstrated coursework in software application design
â?¢	Broad range of technical knowledge.
â?¢	Technical experience in the following:
o	Strong development expertise
o	Strong relational database design expertise
o	Knowledge of design patterns


Title: Software Development Intern
Company: Salesforce.com
Contact: Alicia Schetter <aschetter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Title: Software Developer Summer Intern
Location: San Francisco

Job Summary: 
As the world leader in enterprise cloud computing, we average 3 new
versions every year with close to 100 new features each release. Our
software development interns will work on our automated testing
infrastructure, tools that provide real-time monitoring of our service,
and write code that reaches over 1,000,000 subscribers who use our
applications everyday. Interns will have the opportunity to make major
contributions to our features and products that will be included in our
upcoming releases.  Are you up for being challenged? If so, we want to
talk to you.

**We are currently seeking interns for our Dev Applications and Search

Applications Software Development Intern

Do you want to create applications that are industry-wide game changers?
  As a software developer, you will be part of a small team developing
business applications that operate at Web scale.  Even though we have
been around -- and growing -- since 1999 we have a relatively small
engineering staff, so your work will have a significant impact to our
customers and the company\'s bottom line.  Our software solutions are
delivered over the Internet from our own servers, so we don\'t need to
maintain legacy code; you\'ll either be working on production code or
the next version of the product. Youâ??ll use your analytical and
decision-making skills to deliver real-world solutions to our worldwide
user community.

Search Development Intern:

The search team at Salesforce.com is seeking an intern to assist in the
field of information retrieval.  The intern will be part of a team that
is developing the next generation of information retrieval at
Salesforce.com, bringing a new level of scalability and performance to
our real-world, multi-tenant, hosted platform and its applications.

General Intern Responsibilities:

â?¢Contribute to our suite of automated tests and testing infrastructure
â?¢Implement code fixes under the direction of software architects and
senior developers
â?¢Develop well-tuned code that may be included as part of our next
software release

General Intern Required Skills:

â?¢Working towards completion of BS/MS in Computer Science, Electrical
Engineering or related field.
â?¢Academic or professional/internship experience with Java 
â?¢Understanding of object-oriented programming/design
â?¢Working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
â?¢Ability to quickly learn new technologies
â?¢Maintain strong analytical and problem-solving skills
â?¢Be a self-starter and possess strong sense of self-motivation

General Intern Desired Skills:

â?¢Expertise with Java Servlets and Java Server Pages
â?¢Coursework in SQL and relational database concepts