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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of April 11th, 2010

With postings from:
Orchid Research Group


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Yodle
Contact: Aviv Wecler <awecler@xxxxxxxxx> 212 542 5406
Hiring for: Full-time  

New York, NY

Do you want to have a direct effect on the future success of a fast
growing company? One that is experiencing 135% year over year growth in
the fastest growing industry on the web?

If you have the talent and dedication to strive for excellence while
also taking initiative in your respective positionâ?¦Yodle is looking
for you.

A strong, agile software development team free of PHB types and
distractions where you can concentrate on using your superb development
skills to create an end-to-end advertising platform that enables local
business to get new business from the internet and track and measure the
return on investment.

As a Senior Software Engineer @ Yodleâ?¦
You will work on a team of smart, no-nonsense developers who move
quickly and get things done. You will be able to work on all aspects of
our platform based on your interests. Our engineers work on everything
from user-interface, backend, content management to messaging, database
systems and web services. Regardless of which components you touch,
we\'ll want you to be involved in design, coding, testing and running
the systems. We primarily work with Linux, Java, Spring and PostgreSQL,
but we use other technologies including JavaScript, Python, Groovy, Ruby
and Scala where appropriate. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn as
well as make a real world impact.

â?¢ 0 to 4 years of experience
â?¢ Excellent coding and design skills. Software that works, is
reliable, testable and maintainable should be what you do by default.
â?¢ You enjoy writing software and take pride in what you build.
â?¢ Having programmed in Java will help you get going faster, but your
primary languages arenâ??t as important as being a great programmer.
â?¢ SQL proficiency, particularly with PostgreSQL is a plus
â?¢ Strong communications skills, both written and verbal
â?¢ BA/BS or above from a top Computer Science program
â?¢ You should be able to work daily in our office in New York City


Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant in Human Computer Interaction
Company: Orchid Research Group
Contact: Scarlett Herring <herring1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for:  Part-time 

My name is Scarlett Herring and I\'m a PhD Candidate in the Orchid
group. Our group focuses in Human-Computer interaction research and more
specifically with developing design tools for industrial, graphic and

The Orchid Research group is looking for an undergraduate research
for summer 2010. S/he will be paid between 10-12 dollars per hour for up
20 hours per week. The student must have an interest in human-computer
interaction, have strong programming skills (particularly web based),
have an excellent work ethic - with the ability to work independently.
student will work primarily on developing an application for either
or Twitter to help designers collect design examples from their social

If you are interested, or would like more information about the
please email your resume to Scarlett Herring at: herring1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
you\'re not interested, but know someone who would be, feel free to
this posting. Thanks!


Title: Summer Intern
Company: Selerity
Contact: Andrew Brook <andrew.brook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (201) 204-1705
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Internship / Full-Time Opportunities at Innovative Technology Start-up
in NYC Area

Collective Computing - Social Networking - Natural Language Processing -
Machine Learning - Algorithmic Trading - Low Latency Networking

Selerity seeks top software engineering talent to help build the next
generation machine-readable, real-time complex event data platform for
financial services.  We have summer internship opportunities in a
fast-paced, team-centric environment with great potential to develop
your skills and participate in the success of a rapidly growing company.

Questions and resumes can be sent to: careers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

For more information on Selerity: www.seleritycorp.com
Recent press release: bit.ly/aEa73M