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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of October 24th, 2010

With postings from:
ViVu, Inc.
English Center USA
Private individual (in C-U)


Title: Software Architect
Company: ViVu, Inc.
Contact: Siva Kiran <siva@xxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time Part-time Intern/Co-op
ViVu was founded in 2008 to develop a Smarter Video Conferencing
solution that would just work on regular computers but without any
actual compromise to quality or scale currently available in only
expensive and legacy solutions. Our patented MXTPTM technology has been
built to deliver an end-to-end live HD video collaboration experience
across geographies on regular internet with no proprietary hardware or
codecs right out of a web browser. This flexibility of our platform also
lets customers seamlessly deploy it in their data centers day one and
even integrate it with their applications with our API.

The application has a simple UI with comprehensive collaboration tools
which let customers share and record presentations and desktop alongside
HD multi-party video. The solution is â??Network Awareâ?? which
automatically uses both a dynamic P2P delivery and an elastic cloud
infrastructure in tandem to deliver an optimal experience which scales
in real-time with each clientâ??s connection without affecting
experience of other clients â?? making it truly the smartest desktop
based video conferencing application in the world.

Our growing customer base already includes corporates like Hilton
Hotels, Amazon, UPS, Alcatel-Lucent, Thomson Reuters and MySpace using
our platform for rich interactive webinars and town-hall meetings;
service providers like BT, TechMahindra and TeliaSonera providing
integrated and branded ViVu solutions on top of their offerings;
educational institutions like Cornell, Aarnet and USC for eLearning; and
SMBs and enterprises like Amway, IEEE and TiE for everyday

ViVu is based in Cupertino, CA with also an office in Bangalore, India.
ViVuâ??s founding team comes with strong background in both Video and IP
networks from Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft pedigree. Our talented
engineering team comes from top schools like CMU, UIUC, Stanford and
IITs with a strong drive for innovation.

Job Description:

Software architect will be involved in the design and implementation of
our core platform. This job might also involve coordinating with our
software group for optimal deployment of our platform as a product.
Architect at ViVu also becomes a crucial member of our core R&D group
which regularly discusses and endorses constant innovations that we keep
bringing into our platform.


    * BS in Computer Science â?? MS / PhD is a plus
    * Fluency in one or more of C, C++, Java
    * Strong foundation in Networking protocols
    * Good troubleshooting skills
    * Server-side development skills in Linux
    * Any expertise in Audio/Video is a plus
    * Expertise in actionscript is a plus
    * Understanding of realtime streaming protocols is a plus
    * Understanding of Mobile platforms is a plus
    * Good Communication skills and ability to work with a global team


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Yodle
Contact: Aviv Wecler <awecler@xxxxxxxxx> 212 542 5406
Hiring for: Full-time  Intern/Co-op

Job Overview

Working at Yodle means being a part of something big. Our employees are
a fundamental part of Yodleâ??s success. We are committed to hiring
amazing people that are hungry to revolutionize the industry. Yodle is
one of the fastest growing companies in the industry as recognized by
INC 500 and American Business Awards. We reward hard work and offer a
tremendous opportunity for career advancement. We offer daily breakfast,
coffee, a fun and supportive work environment, and excellent benefits.
Oh, and did we mention, we wrote the book on Local Online Advertising?

â?¢ Our software engineers are passionate about technology and
programming, theyâ??re smart, no-nonsense developers who move quickly
and get things done. The team uses an agile development process,
performs code reviews, runs automated unit tests, and has a distinct QA
team. Our engineers work in an open, collaborative, team oriented
â?¢ Our engineers work on everything from user-interface, backend,
content management to messaging, database systems and web services.
Regardless of which components you touch, weâ??ll want you to be
involved in design, coding, testing and running the systems.
â?¢ Our engineers solve a variety of complex and challenging business
problems with cutting edge technology.
â?¢ We are constantly innovating! We look at ways to improve our core
products, seek out products in the market that can be built better and
we have an Innovation Department that addresses the future needs of our
industry - our engineers are building the software to meet those needs.
â?¢ Engineers have a high degree of flexibility in choosing which of the
many ongoing projects they work on. We have shared ownership of our code
base. Anyone can and is expected to work on and improve any piece of
code. There are no silos!
â?¢ We explore new technologies and find the best tools for the job.
While java is our predominant language, we are using javascript, python,
scala and groovy as well.

â?¢ 0 to 4 years of experience
â?¢ Excellent coding and design skills. Software that works, is
reliable, testable and maintainable should be what you do by default.
â?¢ You enjoy writing software and take pride in what you build.
â?¢ Having programmed in Java will help you get going faster, but your
primary languages arenâ??t as important as being a great programmer.
â?¢ SQL proficiency, particularly with PostgreSQL is a plus
â?¢ Strong communications skills, both written and verbal
â?¢ BA/BS or above from a top Computer Science program
â?¢ You should be able to work daily in our office in New York City 

Take a look at our coding puzzles on our careers site

To Apply : http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oWtiVfwm&s=UIUC


Company: English Center USA
Contact: Janice Mouschovias, Director <Jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-344-3310
Hiring for:  Part-time 
Small, private ESL school in campus-town needs someone with programming
experience in HTML and PHP website development and knowledge of MYSQL. 
Position available as a part-time job, or a paid internship.  Tasks

â?¢  HTML & PHP website development 
Develop a web interface using PHP to modify a local database.

â?¢  MYSQL - Create payment gateway which updates MYSQL database upon
successful payment (without ASP.NET)

â?¢ Create a web interface which modifies a Google calendar

Should be self-directed, able to think and work quickly and efficiently
(sedentary need not apply).  Enjoy a friendly, comfortable work
environment. Flexible hours, based upon your schedule.  Your choice of
work hours between 10 am - 5pm Mon. - Thurs. Ideally at least 8 or more
hours weekly (negotiable). Email Jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with resume
and contact phone number.

This is a GREAT place to work, with very friendly staff, teachers, and
students.  Adjoining the University of Illinois campus, English Center
USA is an exceptionally-friendly small, private school teaching ESL to
international adult students. Work with friendly and caring staff who 
often say this is the BEST, most enjoyable job they ever had! 


Title: Python & PyQt Programmer
Company: Private individual (in C-U)
Contact: Steve <SpringfieldProspect@xxxxxxxxx> 217-778-6386
Hiring for:  Part-time 
Skills needed:
* Python
* PyQt

Flexible hours.
Pleasant working conditions in campus-town.


Title: Software/Web developer
Company: TOTEM Media
Contact: Stephanie Tussing <sktussing@xxxxxxxxx> 6302079489
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
I am an undergraduate junior in Advertising/Chemistry with a rather
ambitious plan. I was hoping to find some student who would be
interested in helping to develop a web program targeted toward a 16-24
age range with national potential. 

I am looking for those with a solid understanding of Web application
frameworks and the hardware needed to run enterprise web software.
Students who are technically proficient, are good at researching new
software technologies and have some web development experience are
ideal. Knowledge of a Content Management System for handling user
accounts, user profiles, site layout, displaying and editing images, etc
(such as Drupal) would also be ideal. In the long run, completely custom
software may be needed but that would preferably occur after the idea is
pitched to an established social site. If you are interested, I would
love to meet to discuss the details. Thank you so much for your time.