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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of April 24th, 2011

With postings from:
Sword Ciboodle


Title: Sales Engineer
Company: Sword Ciboodle
Contact: Allison deBlouwe <allison.deblouwe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (312) 447-5600
Hiring for: Full-time  
Seeking pioneering software professionals!

Championed by the industry analyst elite as the global leader in
process-centric customer service software, itâ??s not surprising Sword
Ciboodle USA is currently experiencing massive growth.  As a result we
are looking for hard working, self-starting, innovative software
engineers with experience in a software environment. With outstanding
programming and problem solving skills, you have a passion for
conquering new technologies for building creative and progressive

Our software helps large organizations make radical improvements to
their customer service and sales operations.  A unique blend of
innovative technology, process engineering expertise and project
delivery has attracted a truly worldwide customer base, which is
supported by some of the best minds in the industry.

As a central part of our Sales Engineering team, you will act as a
supporting role for sales executives - designing and implementing unique
technical sales demonstrations based on client needs helping turn
prospects into Ciboodle customers.  

- Are driven, relish a challenge, and are on a kick to become â??the
next big thingâ?? as you start out your career.
- Are a smarty pants, educated to a computer science or software
engineering degree level, with a GPA of 3.25 or more.
- Are a roll-up-your-sleeves, results orientated, person who wowâ??s the
socks off teammates and stakeholders alike by driving initiatives and
being the go-to guy/gal for critical tasks.  
- Keen to utilize web technologies such as JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript,
HTML5, Portlets, Servlets.
- Have experience in OOP languages (i.e. Java, .NET, C++), software
frameworks (i.e. J2EE, Spring), SQL, and HTML.  And while weâ??re in
full on geek speak â?? have knowledge of one or more major databases
(Oracle, DB2, SQL server, Informix; to name but a few).  
- Are an outstanding communicator, with strong oral and written
abilities, and keen to work with a variety of stakeholders from
teammates, to blue chip clients, to senior ciboodlers.
- Get bonus points for industry specific experience and/or working
knowledge of UNIX/Linux, MVC, .NET, XML, Eclipse, JBoss, WebSphere, RAD.

Those that fit the bill should send their covering letter and resume to:
Please quote ref: SE_US


Title: co-founder
Company: LocalNetworks
Contact: Rajesh Karmani <rajesh.karmani@xxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  
I am a graduate student in CS@UIUC. I am looking for a partner for a
technology start-up. The vision is to strengthen local businesses,
organizations and communities through the concept of ad-hoc social

If you have the passion for entrepreneurship and are experienced in
Android and/or iOS (iPhone) development, PLEASE contact me!


Title: Summer Intern Developer
Company: Weve
Contact: Chris Walti <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3126087213
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Let\'s keep things simple:
1. You should work for a startup. They are 10x more interesting than a
job with a big company and you\'ll learn 100x as much. At least.
2. You should work for our startup. We think that there is a way better
way for guys to buy clothes and look great with minimal effort. And
since guy\'s apparel is a 20 billion dollar market, we\'re setting out
to prove it.

This is where you come in. We\'ve built an alpha prototype, but are
generating excitement so fast we need to bring on developers to keep up.
We\'re heading out to the Silicon Valley for the summer, renting a
house, and cranking out a product that will be useful to you, your
friends, and over 100 million other guys like you.

What we\'re like:
*We have a good time.
*We are a meritocracy -- if its a good idea, we\'ll do it. None of this
\"manager\" business. This applies to code too -- if you know a
framework/language/tool that\'s best for the job, we\'ll use it, so
we\'re always learning and iterating.
*We have some of the best possible people for the job. NASA Engineers,
MIT coders, an ex-VP at Ralph Lauren, and power-players. You.
Oh and 2/3 co-founders are U of I engineering grads

What you should be like:
*Annoyed by the way guys currently get clothes and excited about
revolutionizing it.
*Awesome at whatever you do, be it front-end design, database
engineering, algorithms, whatever your thing is, you rock it.
*Jack-of-all-trades, or interested in and willing to learn all sorts of
new technologies/techniques as the need arises
*Annoyed by someone telling you exactly what to do, but excited about
taking ownership of an idea and seeing it through.
*Interested in one hell of a ride

In case you\'re concerned about money, we pay like the big boys (Google,
etc.) and you also get to live in the Weve house for free over the
summer, but more importantly:
This is the most exciting thing you could be doing right now

Shoot us an email now, while it\'s fresh in your mind. You\'ll be glad
you did.

Brett, Chris, and Tyler (WEVE co-founders)
Weve For Men. Style Without Effort.