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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of May 15th, 2011

With postings from:
Skype Ltd.


Title: Backend Developer
Company: Skype Ltd.
Contact: Joole Kuljus-Triik <joole.kuljus-triik@xxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  Intern/Co-op
You are an intelligent and motivated student, with a proven track record
of producing high-quality code outside of class. You have strong
opinions (with good rationale) when it comes to style, safety and
architecture. Among the many programming languages in which you\'ve
written, C++ is among your strongest. Pointers and recursion are not a
problem for you, and while you maintain a healthy respect for threaded
code, you know how to track down concurrency bugs and rearrange the
pieces. You test your code using automated frameworks, and if you had
time you\'d even make an improvement or two to your favorite framework.
Beautiful code, after all, is sacred.

We are the backend team at Skype. Hailing from the birthplace and the
largest development office of Skype in Tallinn, Estonia, we write the
servers that make Skype work for thousands of users worldwide, from
signaling with telephone networks to enabling group video to providing
secure login facilities. Our code runs on thousands of servers in
datacenters across the world, often running for months or years between
upgrades. We develop in C++ on Linux, we use Boost heavily and we
generally test with Python. We live and breathe multithreading and
asynchronous programming, and though we work with years-old code we work
hard to keep it tidy using up-to-date tools and libraries.

Together with us, you will work on software, internally and in
production, that makes a difference for Skype users everywhere. We
â?¢    Fast, edgy hardware for your work
â?¢    One of those comfy aeron chairs that everybody likes, at your own
â?¢    Real, honest-to-goodness server-side programming experience
alongside some of the best developers around
â?¢    A fun and exciting work environment


Title: Internship at Yahoo! Champaign
Company: Yahoo!
Contact: Camille Miller <camillem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Yahoo! Champaign has an opening for a summer intern.
We are looking for someone in Computer Science, or perhaps Computer
engineering or Electrical engineering.
Ideally, we would like for this person to have web development and mysql

Please contact Wayne Badger  and Quentin Barnes  if you are interested
and for any specific questions.