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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of June 19th, 2011

With postings from:


Title: Chief Developer/Creative Force 
Company: Startup
Contact: Adam <abordow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  
We are an early-stage startup seeking a software engineer to work with
us on developing a mobile application that is strikingly simple on the
front-end and rousingly complex on the back-end. 

â?¢ Our near-term goal â?? find a team member/friend who will be an
  creative force through our first several iterations (and hopefully,

â?¢ Our long-term vision â?? to change the way people get together in
any context
  and on any scale â?? from meeting up for coffee to planning a massive
  WHY? - Thereâ??s a net loss of real world social activity caused by
  physical and psychological barriers of dialogue-based communication.

â?¢ Our ethos â?? (1) Design a product that people fall in love with,
(2) play 

Our team is comprised of two fiercely ambitious jacks-of-all-trades with
backgrounds in product design, economics, marketing, international
relations, journalism, talent management, and life-hacking. Success is
far from certain, but your work can make the difference. We are looking
to fail fast so we can learn, pivot, and increase our chances of winning


Stuff you know â??

â?¢  C/C++
â?¢  JavaScript/CSS/HTML
â?¢  Algorithms

Stuff it would be great if you knew â??

â?¢  Objective-C and iOS development
â?¢  Mashups that leverage social APIs (facebook, foursquare, Yelp,
â?¢  SQL and database management
â?¢  Python and/or Ruby

Youâ??re someone who â??

â?¢  Thrives under pressure, uncertainty, and excitement
â?¢  Acts on ideas, rather than dreams about them
â?¢  Continually seeks ways to work smarter
â?¢  Gushes with optimism, counters with pragmatism
â?¢  Prides him/herself on having great taste in design, brands, music,
â?¢  Wishes to develop an inter-disciplinary skill set that will make
you ultra-
â?¢  [BONUS] Has a healthy, or better yet, unhealthy obsession with
mobile apps
â?¢  Realizes that no one achieves these ideals, but aspires towards
them anyway

â?¢  Former President, AskJeeves Intâ??l; Founder/Former CEO, YogaWorks;
   CEO, InfoSearch.
â?¢  Former Director of Marketing, PayPal; Founder/CEO, Caplinked;
Author, The 
   Paypal Wars
â?¢  Co-Founder/COO, WePay.com; Y Combinator Alumnus
â?¢  CEO, Geary Group; Board of Directors, AAF - American Advertising
â?¢  Former Director of Design, Nokia; Founder/CCO, Yep Yup

Apply â?? 

To apply, please send your resume, examples of any work/ideas/napkin
drawings, or just a line saying, â??I want to know more.â?? We are
looking to hire immediately. Compensation is wide open, but hereâ??s
what we have in mind: fair market value for your work + meaningful
equity stake. We are also open to working remotely. We will respond to
every inquiry, even if itâ??s a â??noâ?? : )