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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of January 29th, 2012

With postings from:
DRW Trading Group


Title: Software Engineer Internship
Company: DRW Trading Group
Contact: Lauren Wray <lwray@xxxxxxx> 312-542-3190
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
DRW Trading Group is a principal trading organization, meaning all of
our trading is for our own account, and all of our methods, systems and
applications are solely for our own use. Unlike hedge funds, brokerage
firms and banks, DRW has no customers, clients or investors. Using
internally developed methods, models and technology, we trade across a
wide range of asset classes both domestically and internationally.  

Founded in 1992, our mission is to empower a team of exceptional
individuals to identify and capture trading opportunities in the global
markets by leveraging and integrating technology, risk management and
quantitative research.  With that spirit, DRW has embraced the
integration of trading and technology and has devoted extensive time,
capital and resources to develop fast, precise and reliable
infrastructure and applications. Our technology, along with our
commitment and creativity, has greatly enhanced our ability to improve
and expand our operations, solve complex problems and capture new

DRW is headquartered in Chicago, and has offices in New York and London,
and employs over 450 people worldwide from many different disciplines
and backgrounds.  

We are seeking Software Engineer Interns to build advanced trading and
risk applications. DRW offers the latest technology and resources,
enabling our Software Engineer Interns to develop
computationally-intensive software. We are seeking undergraduate and
graduate students for our intern Software Engineer positions.

Apply for positions with DRW Trading Group through your universityâ??s
career services website or by visiting www.drw.com/on-campus. 

â?¢ In-house proprietary software development including data
integration, trade management, risk analysis and electronic and
algorithmic trading applications
â?¢ Design, develop and test proprietary software
â?¢ Identify and implement solutions to complex problems
â?¢ Conduct robust research and employ statistical analytics on large
data sets
â?¢ Work directly with Traders, Quantitative Researchers and other
Software Engineers in cross-functional team environments

â?¢ Working towards BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer
Engineering, Physics or any related Engineering, Mathematics or Science
â?¢ Strong interest and skills in computer programming and a desire for
â?¢ Skills in network programming (TCP/IP), multiâ??threaded
applications, computational intelligence, algorithms, realâ??time
programming and/or GUI programming
â?¢ Strong understanding of objectâ??oriented design, data structures
and algorithms
â?¢ Excellent software development skills in Java/C++/C#/C and ability
to absorb new technologies quickly

The DRW Internship

â?¢ Project: Upon arrival, interns receive a challenging project to
complete during the summer. Each project, advised by a Software
Engineer, promotes a comprehensive learning experience. 
â?¢ Intern Community: Throughout the summer, DRW hosts a variety of
educational, social, and teambuilding activities to foster friendship
and camaraderie. Interns finish their summer as an integral part of the
DRW team. 
â?¢ Housing: DRW provides fully furnished apartments. Access to a
fitness facility is also provided. 
â?¢ Education: As the trading industry continually evolves, both in
terms of new products and transaction methods, the future will present
us with unique opportunities and challenges. To maintain our position as
an industry leader, DRW has developed a unique education and training
program. Each intern will have the option to complete an options and
futures course taught by an experienced Trader. Opportunities to take
software engineering courses are available. 
â?¢ Mentor Program: Each intern builds a professional relationship with
an experienced Mentor. Mentors and Mentees meet to discuss goals,
challenges, and general career questions multiple times throughout the

Culture and Community
DRW is committed to a culture of collaboration, innovation and
entrepreneurship. Our employees are self-motivated, competitive and
intellectually curious. We advocate a healthy work-life balance and
offer challenging activities and benefits for our team members

- Excellent health, dental and vision insurance
- 401k matching program
- Tuition reimbursement 
- Discounted health club memberships
- Daily catered breakfast and lunches
- Fully stocked game room
- Poker tournaments
- Book club
- Philanthropic and volunteer activities
- Guest speakers
- Massages
- Geek lunches	
- Sports teams	
- Yoga Classes
- Wine and beer tastings
- Green initiatives