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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of February 19th, 2012

With postings from:
Packaging Corporation of America
Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision (Location is Aurora, IL)
JMJS Mobile
University of Illinois


Title: .Net Developer
Company: Packaging Corporation of America
Contact: Krishna Kumar <kkumar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  
We are looking for a mid-level VB.Net programmer to fill a newly created
position in our Application development group located in Lake Forest,
IL. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to get involved
in many different aspects of our company and serve in a crucial role to
further enhance the application capabilities.

Some of the skills this position entails are:
â?¢	Strong programming skills and attention to details
â?¢	Ability to effectively code according to specifications
â?¢	Ability to comprehend business requirements and design
â?¢	Strong troubleshooting skills
â?¢	Experience juggling multiple tasks simultaneously; assessing status
and risk of assignments
â?¢	Ability to coordinate with colleagues
â?¢	Strong communication skills, both oral and written
â?¢	Strong organizational skills 
â?¢	Ability to work independently
â?¢	A responsive, proactive approach to assessing and resolving
potential problems

The technical skills a successful candidate should possess are:
â?¢	Strong knowledge of VB.Net application development and
object-oriented analysis and design experience
â?¢	Strong knowledge of Crystal Reports, Visual Studio, Team Foundation
Server and .net Framework environments
â?¢	Strong knowledge of Relational Database models with specific
experience in Oracle database
â?¢	Good understanding of Windows programming techniques, messaging and
â?¢	Ability to integrate or use external/third party tools in

We offer an attractive working environment and a competitive salary and
benefits package that is commensurate with experience.  We value
continuing technical education and offer training opportunities in
relevant skills.  Although some programmer/analyst experience is
desired, we would consider recent college graduates who demonstrate the
skills outlined.


Title: Software Developer (Entry Level)
Company: Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision (Location is Aurora, IL)
Contact: Rick Koval <jobsearch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for: Full-time  
Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision is a leading provider of machine vision
inspection systems focusing on the packaging, beverage and
pharmaceutical industries. Our vision systems inspect products used by
millions of people every day. We offer the unique combination of a
small-company atmosphere coupled with the security and flexibility that
comes with being part of a global corporation. 
MT CI-Vision offers a dynamic and challenging work environment well
suited to a generalist who can solve a wide range of engineering
challenges and who enjoys variety in their work. We are looking for an
engineering oriented .NET/Winforms developer who is not afraid to jump
in to the deep end and tackle difficult technical challenges through the
use of software to support and expand our current applications.  The
ideal candidate will contribute his or her expertise to the creation of
automated vision inspection systems that capture and process camera
images to meet our customers\' in-line quality inspection needs.  This
candidate needs to be inquisitive, have a high level of self reliance,
great critical thinking skills, good problem solving ability, along with
an ability to communicate and discuss their ideas.   

Primary Expectations to be Achieved in the First Year of Employment:

â?¢	To handle all aspects of code development, deployment, maintenance,
and support.
â?¢	To understand, support, and use departmental resources such as
revision control, build servers, bug tracking, standards compliance,
installers, profilers, and developer tools.
â?¢	To gain a thorough understanding of our software and how to apply it
toward complex vision applications.
â?¢	To develop and support desktop applications using:C#, Winforms, GUI
toolkits, charting packages, SQL Server, external vision libraries, and
anything else required to solve the challenges presented.
â?¢	To debug software/hardware interactions and reduce inefficiencies to
achieve higher throughput.
â?¢	Use high level math to solve complex vision applications, and
develop new algorithms to solve difficult machine vision problems.
Position Requirements:
â?¢	BS degree in a Computer related discipline.
â?¢	Familiarity with C# and Winforms. 
â?¢	Strong critical thinking skills and inquisitive problem solving
â?¢	Preferred knowledge in .NET communication, SQL database management
and programmatic interfacing, multithreading, speed and memory
optimization, reporting, GUI design, and integration of 3rd party
â?¢	Understanding of hardware/software interaction, needs hands-on type
abilities to work in our manufacturing environment.
â?¢	Self-motivated and able to work effectively both independently and
as part of a team.
â?¢	Good oral and written communication skills.
â?¢	The ideal candidate will be well rounded, eager to learn and quick
to master new technologies.

We can train for knowledge but you have to bring the ability and drive
to achieve.
We offer a competitive salary and benefits package. 


Title: iPhone App Development Project
Company: JMJS Mobile
Contact: John Miller <miller46@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for:  Part-time 
Looking for a self-sufficient and motivated developer to create a mobile
app for the iPhone market that specifically pertains to the
Champaign-Urbana area. We are an upstart mobile software company that is
independently owned and operated.   We believe this is a great
opportunity for experience on a project with the potential to take off.

This is a part-time position (up to 10 hours a week) where work is
self-paced.  Experience building or working with mobile apps is
preferred but not required.  Ideal candidate would be ready to
contribute immediately and be able to work independently.  

Please respond to set up an interview.


Title: Data Sciences Summer Institute Participant
Company: University of Illinois
Contact: Eric Horn <dssi-cs@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Hiring for:   Intern/Co-op
Are you a junior, senior, or beginning graduate student with an interest
in Data Sciences?

Please consider applying to the 2012 Data Sciences Summer Institute,
held here at UIUC, May 20-June 30.

This summer program is an excellent opportunity for advanced
undergraduates and beginning graduate students in Computer Science to
learn about data science topics from leading researchers and create
innovative applications based on what they learn. DSSI provides a solid
foundation in data science and introduces students to further research
in areas such as machine learning, information retrieval, knowledge
discovery in social and information networks, and computer vision.
Room, board and stipend will be provided to qualified students.
To apply: Visit https://my.cs.illinois.edu/submit/ and click on â??DSSI
2012 Application\". The deadline for full consideration is this Friday,
February 17. Applications received after that date will be considered on
a rolling basis until any remaining slots have been filled.
For more information about DSSI, please visit
Questions? DSSI Education Director, Eric Horn, can be reached at