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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 11/04/12

With postings from:
* Pensieve


Title: Cofounder for YCombinator Internet Startup
Company: Pensieve
Contact: Yush <yush.gupta@xxxxxxxxx> 484 515 0351
Hiring for: Full time
My name is Yush, and I've recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon
University as an ECE / CS major.  I'm working on an internet startup,
and I need a technical cofounder.  Basically, I'm looking for somebody
who is a solid coder, free to code nonstop at the ycombinator incubator
program w/ me starting this summer, and is an all around cool person.

The company is called Pensieve (harry potter reference :), and it is
trying to make a quality education universally accessible by making
educational infrastructure.  You can think of the platform as being a
Wikipedia built for courses.  Anybody can come to the site and its
really easy for them to put together these interactive, online courses.
When they're published, the courses are compiled into these interactive
websites so people coming off of Google can immediately start studying a
subject in a systematic and rigorous way.  Its similar to Coursera,
except rather than focusing on content, it focuses on making the tools
so that it is easy for anybody to make courses.  Here's a promo video
which explains the idea a little more.

So far I'm about 30k lines of code into a prototype.  The user interface
needs work, and there isn't really any content on the site, but in terms
of raw functionality its quite powerful.  Anybody can come to the site
and publish a course  - they can drop in videos, audio, quizzes,
assignments, flashcards, graphs, supporting documents, etc.

Heres my linkedin: