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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 01/27/13

With postings from:
* BTS Consulting
* IMC Financial Markets
* Disability Resources and Educational Services
* Personify (Nuvixa)
* Counsyl


Title: Android Developers
Company: BTS Consulting
Contact: Brad Saeed <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 262-361-4713
Hiring for: Full time
We are a boutique consulting firm located near Milwaukee. Our competency
is servicing clientsâ marketing communications and increasingly Android
development needs. We currently have two clients in the Chicagoland area
who are interested in bringing Android consultants on-board. These are
well-established companies who are acknowledged leaders in their
respective fields. They have long-term projects for developing Android
apps to integrate with their equipment. I have consultants already
working at these facilities and they enjoy the combination of
flexibility yet a stimulating fast-paced environment.

Desired skills:

* Android SDK
* Java
* XML and HTML
* SQL and SQLite database

Nice to have:
* REST Services
* Content Providers
* Android Services

If you are interested, please send me your resume to

I look forward to hearing from you.


Title: Software Developer
Company: IMC Financial Markets
Contact: Shelley Hunt <shelley.hunt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3122047426
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
IMC Financial Markets is one of the worldâs leading proprietary trading
firms and a key market maker in various products listed on exchanges
throughout the world.  We are a high frequency trading firm, but we are
just as much a software company.  High performance algorithms and smart
strategies are the core of our business.

IMC knows that having the best software is what drives our business.
Software development here is innovative, pragmatic and, fun, even as
complexity and team-size grows.  We are looking for talented software
developers who will drive the development of cutting-edge trading
algorithms to further our business.  The ideal candidate will be highly
technical, analytical, innovative, and self-motivated.  You will work in
close proximity with the traders, working together to solve problems
that require expertise in both trading and development.  Your
responsibility does not stop at programming; it also encompasses
knowledge building of our business model and expertise within the entire
software development lifecycle.  You will have continuous opportunities
to learn new technologies and programming languages in our dynamic
environment.  Our flat culture encourages intellectual discussions where
the best idea wins.


State of the art software architecture
Focus on low latency, high performance
Flexible adaptation of 3rd party tools
Continuous integration

Agile software development process (Scrum)
Consistent interaction with global team
Collaborative culture with emphasis on continuous improvement and
Frequent peer code reviews
Technical requirements

Excellent Java or C++ programming skills
Development experience in a Linux/UNIX environment
Extensive experience with OOP/OOD
Strong knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and threading
Proficiency in design patterns (preferred)
Scripting knowledge (preferred)

Strong analytical skills and desire to solve complicated problems
3.0 GPA
Must be self-directed, and able to work productively under minimal
Willingness to work closely with traders in a constantly changing
Interest in the Financial Markets; previous knowledge is NOT required


Title: Django Web Application Development
Company: Disability Resources and Educational Services
Contact: Jon Gunderson <jongund@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-244-5870
Hiring for: Part time
Help with development of a Django web application to support coding
practice resources and test suites related to making websites accessible
to people with disabilities using Python (for Django), HTML 5, CSS,
JavaScript and the new Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA)
specifications of the W3C.  Persons applying for this position should be
familiar and have experience with web technologies including HTML/XHTML,
JavaScript, CSS and web development toolkits like JQuery.   Additional
skills in JSON, python and web application development frameworks like
Django will be given extra consideration.  Persons with some of these
skills and a strong record of software and web development will also be

Position is about 15 hours week (flexible hours, work remotely), hourly
rate is $12.50-$17.50 depending on skills and experience.


Title: MacOS Developer
Company: Personify (Nuvixa)
Contact: Sumant Kowshik <sumant.kowshik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2173900023
Hiring for: Full time, Part time, Intern/Co-op
Personify Inc (http://personifyinc.com) is a UIUC startup with great VC
backing (~$3.5 million) and a fantastic new product that changes online
video communication to be much more immersive through depth-capable
cameras like the Kinect.

We are looking for a developer with MacOS experience and the following
-- Excellent C/C++ coding ability
-- Experience in working on medium to large software
-- MacOS UI development
-- Self-driven and ready for the roller-coaster world of a startup
-- Experience with video, codecs, or audio is a plus
-- Experience with low level programming including drivers is a plus


Title: Software Engineering - New Grad - 2013
Company: Counsyl
Contact: Justine Lam <justine.lam@xxxxxxxxxxx> 925-405-6252
Hiring for: Full time
About Counsyl Engineering

Over the last few years, we've grown from a dorm room start to become
one of the largest clinical genome centers in the world. Our pre-
pregnancy genomic test is now prescribed by physicians for more than
2.5% of all births in the United States.

As you might imagine, handling this kind of volume puts us in terra
incognita. Our situation is similar to the one faced by Amazon in the
90s, before anyone knew how to scale an operation with such highly
interconnected physical and informational components.

To solve the problems associated with scaling the medical genome, we
hire generalists rather than specialists. Our engineers are pragmatists
who know when to use machine learning and when to use a simple regex,
and understand in what sense those approaches are at different ends of a
continuum. Many did not have a bioinformatics background before they
joined, but all had strong fundamentals in data structures and

Experience in general means little to us as genomics is a young field;
working code means quite a lot more. If this sounds like your kind of
company, we invite you to apply.

More about us: http://www.themuse.com/companies/counsyl

About you:

You should be working towards a BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science (or
equivalent) and have significant independent programming experience as
demonstrated by a GitHub account, personal web page, or prior

You should also be a generalist, interested in rotating through the
engineering team and working in one or more of these areas:

-Genomics: design, validate, and optimize clinical genomic assays for
rare Mendelian variants

-Machine Learning and Data Science: extract meaning out of one of the
largest clinical genomic datasets in the world

-Robotics: automate and scale our backend to do more clinical sequencing
and genotyping than anyone has ever done before

-UI/UX: design the first widely adopted user interface for the medical

-Clinical Integration: solve the wide variety of practical issues
associated with translating genomics into a clinical context

-Infrastructure: build and deploy the hardware and software systems that
support secure, large-scale computations on genomic datasets

From a skills perspective, you should have familiarity with several of
the following technologies. We obviously donât expect you to know
everything on the list, but you should be nodding to yourself by the end
of it.

-Python: Django, Numpy, Scipy, Cython

-HTML/CSS/JS: Coffeescript, Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap 2, HTML5,
Chrome Web Inspector

-C++: STL, gcc/g++, Boost, C++11

-Functional Programming: Haskell, underscore.js, functional reactive

-Data Science and Visualization: GNU GSL, CUDA, Netlib/LAPACK, graphviz,
R, Matlab, Matplotlib, Numerical Recipes

-DevOps/System Administration: Amazon Web Services, Puppet, nginx,
nagios, Apache, Fabric

-APIs: REST, JSON, SOA, and all that jazz

-Biological Databases: NCBI, UCSC, 1000 Genomes, Hapmap, UK10K

-Sequencing/Computational Biology: NGS pipelines, GATK, FreeBayes,
samtools/pysam, bedtools/pybedtools, SNPEff

-Unix/Linux: bash/zsh, emacs/vim, git, GNU toolchain

-PostgreSQL: psycopg2, hstore, replication

-Security: skipfish, SSL, fuzz testing, preventing XSS & SQL injections

Again, please consider these guidelines, not absolutes. For example, if
you know Chef, we figure you can learn Puppet, and if you know Ruby, we
figure you can learn Python.

In general, you should enjoy taking care of the practical last mile
problems needed to actually achieve a societal ROI on the world's
multibillion dollar investment in the Human Genome Project.

What you'll do:
-Move fast without breaking things :)
-Start in the areas you're familiar with, and grow to work on the full
-Work closely with a small, tight-knit team
-Develop algorithms and code for all aspects of clinical genomics, from
machine learning to supply chain optimization to insurance billing
-Quite literally save lives with your keyboard

What you'll get:
-Competitive compensation and start-up equity package
-Excellent health insurance
-Catered meals every day plus a fully stocked fridge
-Gym access to work it off
-MacBook Pro, 30" monitor, iPad, iPhone, and all the gadgets you need