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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 01/13/14

With postings from:
* Spiceworks
* Adage Technologies


Title: Software Developer
Company: Spiceworks
Contact: Jaime Feehan <jaimef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 5126288296
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
Who you are: Do you live, eat, and breathe programming? Are you someone
who sees code in their sleep and wonât be happy until you find that
perfect UI? Spiceworks just might have a position for you! Weâre looking
for a razor sharp developer to help transform how IT pros get their work
done. If youâre a software fanatic who tirelessly fine-tunes their craft
and seeks to improve your ideas based on what end-users really want and
need â itâs time to apply now!

Who we are: Spiceworksâ innovative model combines a network management
app with an online community of over 2 million IT pros. Users come from
all over the world and rely on Spiceworks to carry out their day-to-day
IT tasks. They also connect with each other to exchange tips, IT adviceâ
and have a great time! Called the âFacebook of IT,â Spiceworks users
interact not only with each other, but also with our dev team â to tell
us what features will have the most impact on simplifying their day. And
itâs no coincidence those are the features that show up in our product

What youâll do: As a killer Spiceworks developer, youâll help take our
platform to the next level. An endless source of new ideas, youâll have
the opportunity to turn those awesome visions into realities. Youâll
have a direct, practical impact in the IT trenches and you wonât just
code on auto-pilot, youâll who think about usability every step of the
way. Youâll also tap into our user base, interact with them directly,
and get real-world feedback and insights to make ideas and features as
relevant and useful as possible.

Responsibilities:  What will I do?
Contribute to the design and development of product features as well as
major components
Contribute to the innovation and evolution of the Spiceworks suite
Work directly with our growing community of over 2 Million IT pros as
well as experienced developers who are experts in the industry
Work on several different aspects - frontend to backend, and everything
in between

Qualifications: What does it take to do this job?
Looking for all levels of experience
BS or BA in Math, Engineering, Computer Science or related field
Object-oriented programming skills with Ruby-on-Rails (Python or
Application and/or Web Application experience is a must
Familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby-On-Rails
Solving large-application/user-level problems, performance, scalability,
Skilled with distributed software (native or webapp) is a plus
Some experience with SQL is desired


Title: Test Automation Engineer
Company: Spiceworks
Contact: Jaime Feehan <jaimef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 5126288296
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
Who you are: Are you someone whoâs energetic about delivering quality
products? Want to see your work directly impact over 2 million IT pros
who use our app to do their jobs. Like to make a real difference at one
of Austinâs most exciting startups? Spiceworks just might have a
position for you! Weâre on the hunt for a Software Test Engineer whoâs
equal parts automation expert and team leader. Youâll be immersed in the
development process, writing automation code like nobodyâs business as
well as educating and mentoring other test automation engineers.

Who we are: Spiceworks is a one-of-a-kind startup in Austin, Texas whose
innovative model combines a network management app with an online
community of over 2 million IT pros. Our dedicated users rely on
Spiceworks to carry out their day-to-day IT tasks and connect with each
other to exchange tips, IT advice, and have a great time! Weâre also
changing the way todayâs tech products are managed, marketed and sold.
And, given weâre growing by 2,200 new users a day, itâs no surprise
weâve been named the âfastest growing business app in history!â

What youâll do: As a meticulous Spiceworks Test Automation Engineer,
youâll be able to deliver automation codeâ in your sleep! Youâll also
architect, code and organize regression test suites to ensure product
stability and lightning fast delivery. As a strategic problem-solver,
youâll pass your wisdom on to the team and offer invaluable advice to
test engineers (and ask smart questions!). Youâll be off-and-running at
breakneck pace with little supervision, able to easily grasp and
simplify complex concepts, and keep all the plates spinning. Oh, and
youâll have a blast every step of the way!

Responsibilities:  What will I do?
Design, code, maintain and execute automated test scripts with Ruby,
watir-webdriver, capybara, PhantomJS, Jasmine or similar tools
Create automated test scripts with various databases (SQlite,
postgreSQL) which handles data input and data validations
Design automated test to run on multiple browsers (Chrome, IE, FF)
Design, manage and contribute test suites to the Jenkins CI system.
Work closely with development and other departments as necessary
Showcase logic/solution-driven thinking


Title: JavaScript Developer
Company: Adage Technologies
Contact: Michael Clark <resumes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 312 948 5982
Hiring for: Full time
We are looking for developers who canât get enough JavaScript in their
lives.  We want someone who fights to develop applications client-side
and goes the extra mile to ensure their products run smoothly and

The territory is uncharted and the position will be challenging, but
those who fill it will help establish the role and push the boundaries
of traditional development.

So, if you are a programmer with a passion for enterprise level
JavaScript app development and an affinity for innovation, this position
is for you.

What youâd be doing:
-Creating sleek, smooth and asynchronous web applications that run
-Using JavaScript with the Backbone.js framework
-Integrating JavaScript based applications in the ASP.NET framework
-Collaborating with other JavaScript Developers and ASP.NET Developers
-Meeting with clients to understand business requirements
-Constantly improving skills to match the latest application

We want someone who:
-Has a true passion for client-side development
-Frequently uses JavaScript with a framework similar to -Angular,
Backbone or Ember
-Enjoys solving problems and using JS whenever possible
-Uses jQuery often, but never relies solely on it
-We someone who is humble, someone get's things done


Title: ADM IT Internship
Company: ADM
Contact: Cecilia Kehoe <cecilia.kehoe@xxxxxxx> 217-451-6256
Hiring for: Intern/Co-op
Interested in devops or becoming a systems technician? Apply to be part
of the internship program at ADM!

Please submit applications through the following portal: