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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 01/26/14

With postings from:
* Miss Possible
* Taplet
* National Center for Supercomputing Applications


Title: Web-Based Game Developer
Company: Miss Possible
Contact: Janna Eaves <jeaves2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 4015951489
Hiring for: Part time
Campus startup, Miss Possible is soliciting the help of a student to
develop problem-solving-type online games. Miss Possible's mission is to
promote the presence of strong female role models in the lives of young
girls. We hope to do this by selling a series of dolls that represent
amazing women in a fun, relatable manner. The factor that differentiates
Miss Possible from every other doll company is what we call the
"Webkinz" or "Neopets" Model. Dolls will come with an access code to a
website where they can play problem-solving games and earn points to
purchase items for their character's use. The problem is we don't know
how to build games. We cannot offer monetary compensation at this time,
but there is a chance of compensation or even equity in the future.


Title: iOS Mobile Developer
Company: Taplet
Contact: Dustin Pourbaba <Dustin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 5122982018
Hiring for: Full time
Taplet lets you take better pictures more easily. Our mobile application
uses the best of both photo and video to create a new, stunning way to
capture content. Simply record a video and extract gorgeous images from
the footage. You can save pictures directly to your smartphone or upload
them to other social media.

We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to join our team and
rock out. You will work alongside our other devs to build out the
application. Some of the things you will help build are our record
features, social platform, innovative browsing section, in-depth user
profiles, and much more. The tasks you work on will be difficult,
interesting, and an opportunity to make use of your creative talent.
Besides heavily working with Objective C, you may come into contact with
OpenGL, OpenCV, Matlab, Ruby, and more.

Some background info: we are an Austin-based startup working hard to
revolutionize how people snap photos on their smartphone. With the help
of our investors, we build awesomeness in a nimble, fast, and engaging
environment. There is no such thing as a "stupid idea" at Taplet HQ.
Creativity is in our DNA and working with the best talent is of the
utmost importance. For more information on the job please email us at


Title: Undergraduate/Graduate Hourly for Computer Vision and/or Spatial Analysis
Company: National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Contact: Dave Mattson <dmattson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> (217) 244-8362
Hiring for: Part time
The Image and Spatial Data Analysis division at NCSA is looking for both
undergraduate and graduate students to work on Cyberinfrastructure
projects involving Computer Vision and/or Spatial Analysis.  While
projects will have a common theme of building tools that utilize data
extracted from various non-readily accessible sources the problems
addressed will range from those involving Machine Learning, Computer
Vision, Graphics, Distributing Computing, Databases, and general
Software Engineering.  As an example we have Groupscope, an NSF funded
project, which involves constructing tools to help communication
researchers study the behavior of large groups of people using a number
of overlapping video and audio recordings.  In this case tools are need
to identify people, track them, and suggest who they may be talking to
over time.

We would greatly encourage students who are interested in any of these
topics to submit their resume.  Students with web development experience
and/or mobile device development (i.e. iOS/Android) are also encouraged
to apply.  Letters of recommendation are provided to outstanding
students applying for graduate school and/or industry positions.

--- Java and/or C++ experience
--- Experience in one of the following:  Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Graphics
--- Ability to be a self-starter and be self-motivated

Wage and Hours: Approximately 10-20 hours per week for the Spring
Semester 2014 at a salary commensurate with experience (see

Contact: Dave Mattson (dmattson@xxxxxxxxxxxx) immediately