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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 02/16/14

With postings from:
* Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL Global)


Title: EFL Global Technology Fellowship
Company: Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL Global)
Contact: Darrell Grissen <careers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> NA
Hiring for: Full time
About Entrepreneurial Finance Lab:

EFL's mission is to expand access to finance in emerging markets by
equipping banks with better tools to measure credit risk. Built with the
aim of tackling a 2.5 trillion dollar financing gap for small and medium
enterprises (SMEs) around the world, EFL's digital psychometric credit
assessment evaluates small business owners on key elements of
entrepreneurship in a scalable and automated manner. This breakthrough
technology helps banks provide financing to market segments previously
out of reach, and helps bring the developing world's most capable, yet
previously un-bankable, entrepreneurs into the formal financial fold.
After spinning off from a research initiative at the Harvard Kennedy
School's Center for International Development, EFL now works with
leading financial institutions across Africa, Asia, and Latin America,
and has facilitated over $240 million in lending to SMEs. Weâve been
recognized and endorsed by leading development organizations such as the
IFC, Inter-American Development Bank, and the G-20.

About the Fellowship:

The two-year Global Technology Fellowship provides an opportunity for
young, driven individuals with a background in computer science and
software engineering to gain exposure to a quickly growing and highly
accredited startup in the field of emerging market technology. Your
mission will be to tackle engineering challenges at the intersection of
data science and software development.  We are re-engineering our
infrastructure and will need help in designing for growth. The
Fellowship will be based in Lima, Peru and Boston, MA for the duration
of the first year, and you will also have the opportunity to engage
directly with EFL clients in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. We at EFL
view first-hand exposure to emerging markets as an essential component
of the fellowship and guarantee at least six weeks of on the ground
experience within your first year.

Projects you may be asked to take on in your first year are:

Web Development
â      Enhancements to the EFL Web App to meet new customer feature
needs (Django and JQuery)
â      Implementation of automated continuous integration (Git, Jenkins,
and AWS)
Scoring Systems
â      Enhancements to support faster asynchronous scoring and reporting
needs (Celery)
â      Enhancements to async infrastructure configuration to support
redundancy (AWS and Celery)
UX/UI Projects
â      Android Mobile tools development (Android)
â      Enhancements to the EFL Web App (Django/CSS/XHTML)
R&D Projects
â      Mobile, GIS, and Social scoring enhancements to the core EFL
algorithm (NoSQL, R)
Client Integration Projects
â      Enhancements to the EFL REST API (Python)
â      Client integration projects (varies)

Based on your contributions in your first year,  EFL will offer you a
position for a second and final year of the fellowship. This position
may be a continuation of one of the projects you worked on in year one,
or it may be a new opportunity in one of our global markets. Your
success in both years of the fellowship will depend on your ability to
learn quickly in situations that are foreign, to think critically
through complex challenges, to take initiative as opportunities present
themselves, and to execute efficiently and effectively.

Additional Fellowship Opportunities:

As a Global Technology Fellow, you will have the opportunity to engage
with EFLâs senior leadership to gain exposure to other areas of the
business including sales, project management, credit modeling and
statistics.  Youâll be joining a tight-knit corps of EFL Fellows with an
array of skillsets and shared ambitions in the field of emerging market
technology, and will have access to leading practitioners of development
economics. Fellows are highly encouraged to utilize these resources
during their time with EFL. For more information on current and past
Fellows, visit eflglobal.com/efl-fellowship.


Required Qualifications:
â         BA/BS in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent
â         Solid experience in one of Python, Ruby or PHP, a modern MVC
framework (Django, Ruby-on-Rails, Spring, etc)
â         Some experience with JQuery/CSS/XHTML
â         Experience with one major RDBMS system: MySQL, Postgres,
Oracle, or MSSQL
â         Proficiency with Git
â         Proficiency with at least one major OOP language C++, Java, or
â         Proficiency with Linux, Apache
â         Work and/or travel experience in emerging markets in Africa,
Latin America, and/or Asia

Desired Qualifications:
â         A self-starting, entrepreneurial nature, as well as the
ability to take on leadership roles and manage many projects at once.
â         Foreign language ability (preferably Spanish and/or
â         Proficiency with REST and/or SOAP web services
â         NoSQL experience
â         Experience with Matlab, R, NumPy etc
â         Design skills (InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks, etc)
â         Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

How to apply:

Email a cover letter and resume to Darrell Grissen at
careers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please save both in a single word document or PDF
entitled âLastName.FirstName-TechFellowshipâ (e.g., âSmith.John-
TechFellowshipâ) Applications without cover letters will not be
considered.  In the cover letter, please touch on who you are, why EFL
and why this position.  We are looking for a real person, not
credentials; youâll be a member of a small, growing team, so be
yourself! Applications will be accepted until March 21, 2014.