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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 04/14/14

With postings from:
* ShakeStir.com - the spirited community


Title: Full Stack Web Developer
Company: ShakeStir.com - the spirited community
Contact: Scott Goldman <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 917.969.9180
Hiring for: Full time
ShakeStir is the world's leading online community built exclusively for
bartenders and spirit professionals. We provide our members a platform
to connect, to share ideas, techniques and recipes, and to ultimately
raise awareness about the cocktail industry both among bartenders and
the consumers they interact with on a daily basis.

Launched in 2011, ShakeStir is a proven concept and rapidly growing.


We are seeking a fulltime developer who can work independently without
much technical direction (but can demonstrate that s/he will stay
aligned with their business direction, obviously) and is experienced
enough to be able to unstick themselves when technical problems
inevitably arise. This position could morph into a CTO or VP/Engineering
title down the road.

The ideal candidate is a recent college graduate or experienced
developer who is extremely comfortable with Python/Django. The developer
will be working closely with one of our Senior Developers to build and
deploy scalable Django applications. Not just coding to spec, you'll be
working the full web stack and shaping requirements. There is ample
opportunity to both learn and influence our platform and site in a big