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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 11/10/14

With postings from:
* inGenius Prep
* Wolfram Research
* Sage Corps


Title: Paid Internship - Web developer and programmer
Company: inGenius Prep
Contact: Serena <serena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2038155251
Hiring for: Full time, Part time, Intern/Co-op
We need someone highly skilled, committed to improving/growing one's
skill set, and interested in entrepreneurship (and education) to join
our team as lead developer and engineer.
This person would be in charge of architecting, supporting, and scaling
our web infrastructure. This includes our CRM, US website ( and
international websites), and the creation of web interfaces which can
help our company scale beyond a service-model.

This person will also be the leader and manager of our full-time
developers overseas (we have three currently). Tasks will also include
design and creation of platforms for our new products, automation and
integration of our various marketing, accounting, and customer/project
management platforms.

We are an intense, extremely hardworking group. We are looking for
someone who is equally hardworking, talented, and who has a passion for
entrepreneurship. We are looking for a partner and team-member, not an

The most important thing for us is that the person is hardworking and
driven, and has the ability (and desire) to learn new skills, and make a
serious impact in the private education industry.

Skills required: Html, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL,
Database management, integrations using API's and WebHooks (itduzzit,
zapier, IFTTT, etc.), Ruby on Rails, versioning, AWS, organized and
efficient bug testing.


Title: Hackathon Evangelist
Company: Wolfram Research
Contact: Holly Glenn <t-recruiting@xxxxxxxxxxx> 217-398-0700
Hiring for: Part time, Intern/Co-op
Wolfram Research, creators of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and Wolfram
Programming Cloud, have an exciting opportunity available for a
Hackathon Evangelist. Join our Events team in traveling to hackathons
across the US.
The ideal candidate will be familiar with Wolfram technologies have a
strong web development background, and be comfortable assisting
participants on projects throughout each hackathon. When not attending
events, you will have the opportunity to work from home. There is also
the potential opportunity for traveling abroad
This job will start as an internship with the possibility of evolving
into a full-time contract/consultant position. For each hackathon, you
will be expected to:
â       Arrive at the event with proper time to prepare
â       Potentially give 3â5 minute overview/demo on Wolfram
technologies and how Wolfram Programming Cloud can be used in
participant hacks
â       Stay awake and assist hackathon participants with any questions
they might have about using our technologies in their projects
â       Travel to 12â18 events per year during the fall and spring
â       Bachelorâs degree in a technical field is preferred, but
technical ability is valued over education
â       A passion for traveling and meeting new people
â       Ability to work independently
â       Experience with a wide variety of coding languages and
technology stacks; web development experience strongly preferred
Applicants please send a PDF of your resume, a code sample (or Github
account link), and a cover letter to resumes@xxxxxxxxxxxx


Title: Inside Sales Executive 
Company: Wolfram Research 
Contact: Sophie Roney <sophier@xxxxxxxxxxx> 217-372-3340
Hiring for: Full time
The Company
Wolfram Research is one of the worldâs most respected software
companies. We are pioneers in computational science and technical
innovation, and we pursue a long-term vision to research and develop the
tools to make computation an ever-more potent force in todayâs and
tomorrowâs world. Our products, which are centered on the knowledge-
based Wolfram Language, include Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha.
Position Overview:
We are seeking a highly motivated Inside Sales Executive to join the
Wolfram Technologies Sales Team. You will be working with consumers and
small businesses to handle the sales of our software and technology.
This includes the renewals of licenses and software maintenance. Inside
Sales Executives are responsible for timely follow up of incoming leads
and handling our clients with customer service and care. A mix of
technical and sales knowledge is required, as well as a love for
cutting-edge technology.
â       Bachelorâs degree in computer science, engineering, math, or
related field
â       At least two years of direct sales experience, preferably in a
technical setting
â       Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication
â       Knowledge of startup companies in the Northeast region of the
United States
â       A strong work ethic and the ability to network
â       Analytical and presentations skills required
â       Strong decision making, problem solving, and negotiation skills

What Wolfram Offers:
Wolfram is full of entrepreneurial people working together to accomplish
great things. Itâs a friendly and intellectually stimulating atmosphere
set up to maximize individual productivity and achievement and to
accommodate a wide range of working styles. Whether itâs remote work,
flexible schedules, or modern project management, Wolfram has long been
a pioneer in employee-oriented workplace practices.
As a Wolfram employee, you will receive a competitive base salary plus
incentives and commission; 401(k) matching; health, dental, and life
insurance for you and your dependents; and above-average PTO.
Location: Champaign, Illinois


Title: Intern, Foreign Tech Startup
Company: Sage Corps
Contact: Matt Meltzer <mmeltzer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8475717603
Hiring for: Intern/Co-op
Sage Corps is an elite experiential learning program that sends top
college students to work with foreign tech startups for 8-12 weeks.
Students will work alongside the company CEO on all aspects of the
business, based on the company's needs.  Day-to-day work may include
business/product development (web/mobile design and development),
investor pitches, marketing and social media campaigns, and market

Students will also attend tech conferences, networking events, and a
speaker series organized by Sage Corps and its local partners.

Before leaving for the summer, each student will be matched up with a
"Sage" -- a successful business leader in the United States, based on
the student's intended career field, who will provide career advice and
job contacts.

To apply, please visit www.sagecorps.com/apply.