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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 02/23/15

With postings from:
* Lumenous Co.
* University of Illinois Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Veriflow Systems, Inc.


Title: Software Engineer (Magic Maker)
Company: Lumenous Co.
Contact: Brett Jones <jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2179035826
Hiring for: Full time, Part time, Intern/Co-op
Lumenous is creating software and hardware that turns any object of any
shape into an interactive display using a technology called projection
mapping. Lumenous' product uses everyday video projectors (as used in
conference rooms), but instead of projecting on a flat screen, light is
mapped onto any surface, turning common objects into immersive
experiences and interactive displays. With Lumenous' products, designers
can create magical experiences in minutes, and set it up in seconds.
Lumenous will revolutionize how we experience visual media in retail
stores, concerts, theater, theme-parks, museums, art galleries and
eventually everywhere.

Lumenous is an early stage start-up, founded by three PhDs who have
experience innovating with the best in this field (Disney, Microsoft
Research, Adobe). They've won a startup competition, three innovation
awards, had >15M views on their project videos, and they run the #1
website on projection mapping. In this space, they've previously created
the interactive projection prototypes of IllumiRoom (shown at CES 2013)
and RoomAlive (featured on Wired, FastCo, etc). Currently in Champaign,
IL,...soon to take over the world.

Lumenous' software engineers will develop the next-generation of
projection mapping technologies that transform objects into interactive
displays. As a software engineer, you will work on a small team in a
fast-paced start-up environment. We are looking for people who live to
make things with code, obsess over the user experience and code quality,
and want to make magical experiences for our users, everyday. Experience
with UI, game play engineering, or game engine development are a plus.

Duties and Responsibilities
*Run your own fiefdom - help us define user needs and new product
*Write quality code with lots of inheritance, templates and other fancy
C++ things.
*Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and
general reliability.
*Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
*Write specifications and documentation for API's.
*Participate in design and code reviews.
*Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

*Stock Options Baby!!!
*Working on something meaningful with your life.
*Play with all the coolest and most cutting edge toys, gadgets, and tech
*Close knit, hard-working and down-to-earth company culture
*Autonomy to shape Lumenous into the platform to interact on any object

Looking for awesome graduating seniors / M.S. students, or promising
undergrads looking for immediate internship/coop opportunities. Please
send your resume + portfolio/GitHub page.


Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Company: University of Illinois Civil and Environmental Engineering
Contact: Brian Donovan <bpdonov2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 574-253-3473
Hiring for: Intern/Co-op
Paid Undergrad Research Opportunity
Simulating Effects of Ridesharing

We are seeking undergraduates interested in transportation research
involving large amounts of data and ridesharing systems. This research
is under Professor Dan Work, and will be supervised by CEE graduate
student Brian Donovan.

We have data on ~700 million taxi trips in New York City (and
potentially more from other cities!) and are analyzing the effects of
ridesharing systems like Uber. For example, we are analyzing the
potential benefits that can be achieved by efficiently matching taxi
drivers and customers. We will be running massive data-driven
simulations on supercomputers, and using high-performance routing
algorithms. Analysis on such a large dataset is innovative in
transportation engineering, and a useful application of computer science
techniques. We hope to learn something new and useful, and you can help
us do it!

- Experience programming in Python.
- Basic knowledge of data structures
- Interest in transportation research and big data
- Approximately 10-20 hours/week

- Gain research experience
- Get your name on a publishable paper
- Use a powerful NCSA supercomputer
- Gain cutting-edge skills in a growing market
- Get paid while learning how to do research

If you are interested, please send an email Brian Donovan
(bpdonov2@xxxxxxxxxxxx) containing your major, current year of study,
relevant coursework, and an attached resume.  Links to code samples, for
example GitHub acounts, are encouraged.


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Veriflow Systems, Inc.
Contact: Brighten Godfrey <bgodfrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 650-814-1962
Hiring for: Full time
Software Engineer positions at Veriflow Systems, Inc.
Focuses: Web application dev and visualization in JavaScript; core
C++/Python/Java dev

Veriflow Systems is an early-stage startup commercializing technology
invented here at the U of I and backed by top Silicon Valley investors.
We are seeking talented engineers to help realize a fundamental advance
in network security and dependability for some of the most critical
network environments that exist. Candidates must have a Bachelor's, MS,
or PhD degree in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent
experience. The ability to design elegant user interfaces and visualize
large-scale complex data, and experience with modern JavaScript
applications, computer networks, or security are desirable.  Positions
are available in Champaign, IL, and Silicon Valley, CA.

To apply:
Get in touch with us at jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Include your resume
and transcript.