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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 03/23/15

With postings from:
* ThinkB1G
* Mobius International, Inc


Title: 35+ Open Internships, Co-ops & Entry-Level Positions at 15 Boston, California, New York Startups
Company: ThinkB1G
Contact: Michael Gaiss <mgaiss@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 617-398-0896
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
Here's a link to use to view positions: http://goo.gl/71y453. Companies
with current openings include:

BookBub - Cambridge, MA
BookBub is a rapidly growing, profitable ebook discovery startup with
millions of members. The rise of digital publishing is altering the way
books are found, purchased, and read. Join us to tackle these issues and
to help readers discover great books they’ll love.
* Software Engineer (New Grad)

Clever - San Francisco, CA
1 in 5 schools in the US use Clever to manage their learning
applications. We make it easy for teachers to use software in the
* Engineer Full Stack (New Grad)
* Engineer (Intern)

Cogito (Boston, MA)
Cogito is a technology company that is inventing the future of
intuition. We deliver human behavior analytics that enable better
customer acquisition, engagement and retention for our enterprise
* Software Engineer (June-December Co-op)
* Systems Engineer (June-December Co-op)

DataXu (Boston, MA)
DataXu is transforming the way companies build their brands in a digital
world through the industry’s only fully integrated programmatic
marketing solution.
* Software Engineer - Java (New Grad)
* Software Engineer – JavaScript, HTML, DOM (New Grad)
* UI Developer – Javascript/Angular (New Grad)
* Senior Data Warehouse Engineer (New Grad)

Exablox - Sunnyvale, CA
Exablox is a storage startup that was formed to bring enterprise class
featured storage device integrated with cloud management accessible to
small and medium businesses. We are developing groundbreaking technology
in file systems and cloud technologies.
* Software Engineer - Cloud Service (New Grad)
* Tools Developer (New Grad)
* Software Development Engineer in Test (New Grad)
* Infrastructure Development Engineer - Python/LAMP (New Grad)
* Software Test Automation Engineer (Python) - File Network Storage
Systems (New Grad)
* Senior/Lead Software Engineer (C/Linux) – Advanced Network File System
(New Grad)

Hudl - Lincoln, NE or Boston, MA
Hudl helps teams connect around the video and data they need to win with
simple online software. Coaches and athletes love us because we make
watching and analyzing video online so damn easy.
* Development (Intern / Co-op)

Imprivata - Lexington, MA
Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication and access management
solutions for the healthcare industry.
* Software Engineering - Research & Discovery Group (Fall Intern)

LaunchSource - Boston, MA
LaunchSource equips college seniors and recent grads with the necessary
training & tools to land a sales & business development position at a
high-growth technology company in Boston.
* Business Development Associate Program (New Grad)

Marqeta - Emeryville, CA
Founded in 2010 Marqeta’s mission is to power the future of money. We're
a leading issuer processor and program manager for card and mobile-based
payments programs.
* Software Engineer Intern, Payments Platform (Intern)

NuoDB - Cambridge, MA
NuoDB, the leader in webscale distributed database technology, is
redefining relational database technology to tackle the multiple
challenges associated with cloud computing and the rise of global
application deployments.
* Web Systems Engineer (New Grad)
* Software Engineer (Intern)
* Java Developer (New Grad)
* Core/Engine Developer (New Grad)

Pertino - Los Gatos, CA
Pertino is helping to reinvent networking for the cloud era by
leveraging the power of the cloud, the dynamic nature of virtualization,
and the agility of software. It’s called cloud networking, and it’s the
most disruptive thing to happen to networking since the Internet.
* Software Engineer (Intern)

QMedic - Boston, MA
Developed by MIT scientists, QMedic's connected wearable computing
proactively manages the health and safety of high-risk populations.
Their highly scalable platform detects and escalates early warning signs
to population care managers.
* Full Stack Software Developer (New Grad)
* Machine Learning Engineer (New Grad)

SwiftStack - San Francisco, CA
Infinite storage, impressively easy. We bring simple management and
extensive integration facilities to a proven, scalable open-source core.
* Software Engineer (Intern / Co-op)
* Software Engineer (New Grad)

Symphony Commerce - San Francisco, CA
Symphony simplifies the way businesses sell online. Our proprietary
platform eliminates the need for multiple technologies and vendors to
deliver a beautifully branded experience every time.
* Full Stack Engineer (New Grad)
* Full Stack Engineer (Summer Intern)
* Full Stack Engineer (June-December Co-op)

Tamr - Boston, New York, San Francisco
Founded by big-data serial entrepreneurs, Tamr catalogs, connects and
publishes the vast reserves of underutilized internal and external data
using a combination of machine learning with human guidance, so
enterprises can use all their data for analytics.
* Field Engineer (New Grad)
* Field Engineer (Summer Intern)
* Field Engineer (June-December Co-op)
* Product Engineer (New Grad)
* Product Engineer (Summer Intern)
* Product Engineer (June-December Co-op)


Title: Part-time Hourly Web Developer position
Company: UIUC
Contact: Prof. Masooda Bashir <mnb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-244-1139
Hiring for: Part time
I am looking for a student who can work part time starting April 2015 as
a web developer for my research group. The applicant must have
experience and proficiency with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Familiarity with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and web survey tools is
desirable.  The position can be extended to summer and next academic
year. If interested please email your resume to Prof. Bashir,


Title: Google Glass Developer
Company: Mobius International, Inc
Contact: Avesta Hojjati <hojjati2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 6142166694
Hiring for: Full time, Part time
We are trying to implement this
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wv9k_ssLcI) we have some of the
functionalities, but looking to put everything together. This is a good
paid project if you can finish it before May 20th!
contact me for more info...