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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 04/25/15

With postings from:
* Charmworks Inc.
* Scholastic
* National Center for Supercomputing Applications
* CultureFit Technology Staffing


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Charmworks Inc.
Contact: Laxmikant (Sanjay) Kale <sanjay@xxxxxxxxxxxx> (217) 722 3484
Hiring for: Full time, Part time, Intern/Co-op
Charmworks is a software startup spinning off parallel computing work
done at the Computer Science Department of the University of Illinois.
It has received major initial funding, and is now getting ready to grow.
We are looking for summer interns as well as potential full-time or
part-time employees to start in May.

Our product, Charm++, is built on a large existing C++ code base that
we'd like you to help extend and mature. Charm++ is a programming
toolchain and runtime system used to develop scalable and sophisticated
parallel applications that run on multicore nodes, GPUs, clusters, and
supercomputers like NCSA's Blue Waters.

We're seeking candidates (including current undergraduate as well as
graduate students) with a good mix of
- excellent programming skills,
- good grades,
- initiative,
- teamwork and communication skills,
- ability and willingness to do sustainable work on an existing software

We are looking for top-notch skills, and may not hire if a suitable
candidate is not found. Pay for interns will range from $6,000 to $6,500
per month. This is competitive with the best of Bay Area tech companies,
but with the much lower cost of living of Champaign-Urbana. Plus, you
get to participate in the excitement of a growing startup. Our offices
are located in the EnterpriseWorks technology incubator in Research Park
on UIUC's south campus in Champaign, IL.
Please apply to sanjay@xxxxxxxxxxxx with a subject prefixed with "Job
Application:" or "Internship Application", as appropriate. Please
include a resume and an unofficial transcript.


Title: Associate Software Engineer
Company: Scholastic
Contact: Emma Dong <HDong-consultant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 6175841662
Hiring for: Full time
The Associate Software Engineer performs maintenance on existing
software products. This position is responsible for coding, testing and
debugging new software or making enhancements to existing software. The
Developer also manages the full software development lifecycle which
includes testing and implementation.
•             Develops and implements software products using strong
technical skill-set and creativity.
•             Responsible for coding, testing and debugging new software
or making enhancements to existing software.
•             May receive some general instructions on routine work or
more detailed instructions on new assignments.
•             Solves problems of limited scope and recognizes when a
decision is needed for a problem and analyzes the situation (makes


Title: Internships
Company: National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Contact: Trish Barker <tlbarker@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-265-8013
Hiring for: Intern/Co-op
NCSA is now recruiting for both summer 2015 and 2015-2016 academic year
PAID internships. There will be a recruiting open house at the NCSA
Building (1205 W. Clark St., Urbana) from 3 to 5 pm on Wednesday, April
8. At the open house, you can meet mentors and learn more about the
projects for which they are recruiting students -- you can also review
the list of projects online at http://spin.ncsa.illinois.edu/mentors/.


Title: Junior Software Engineer
Company: CultureFit Technology Staffing
Contact: Lisa Marcus <Lmarcus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8476937378
Hiring for: Full time
Job Description:
We are seeking talented, up and coming Software Engineers to join a
budding group of Engineers in an organization that has the start-up
feel, with the backing of a track record of success.  You will be
designing, developing, maintaining and improving proprietary in-house
solutions to support operations, trading, financial modeling, and
portfolio management.

The successful candidate will have graduated college recently and
majored in:
Computer and Information Sciences

Required Qualifications:
Proficiency in any of the following language: PHP, python, C++, C#,
Perl, Javascript, Java, JQuery
Knowledge of Databases (MySQL, SQL, etc.) and Linux
Comprehension of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Experience with data integrity, regression, performance testing
Excellence in problem solving and analysis
Ability to organize, prioritize and multitask
Basic understanding of financial markets