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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 09/08/15

With postings from:
* Capital One
* General Electric
* Morningstar, Inc.
* UIUC Beckman Institute


Title: MindSumo Challenge
Company: Capital One
Contact: Elisha Bejsovec <elisha.bejsovec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 214.490.6542
Hiring for: 
Capital One is hosting an challege through MindSumo. The challenge is
for college students of all majors/classifications with prize money
available for the winners. The contest opened on August 28th and runs
through September 28th. If you have the time, would love for you to sign
up and perhaps make some extra cash this semester.

Topic: Use transactions data to categorize clients:

Thanks and good luck!

Capital One Campus Recruiting


Title: Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)
Company: General Electric
Contact: Mayoor Rai <mayoor.rai@xxxxxx> 2245950606
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
Check out General Electric (GE) - Information Technology Leadership
Program (ITLP)

General Electric (GE) - Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)
is now recruiting for internships & full-time positions! If you have
both technical & leadership expertise, apply today on i-Link – look for
posting IDs 121171 (intern) and 121173 (full-time).

* 2 year rotational program – experience 4 different roles & locations
(USA & abroad) for 6 months each
* Earn 15 Master’s Credits from Immersion, 2 multi-week training
sessions (USA & abroad) & virtual classes with Indiana University’s
Kelley School of Business
* Solve the world’s toughest problems with GE’s diverse business units -
Appliances, Aviation, Corporate, Energy Management, Healthcare, Oil &
Gas, Power & Water, and Transportation
* Frequent mentoring, evaluation, and feedback
* Exposure to upper management and senior GE leaders
* Build a global network of ITLPs across all of GE’s businesses

Save the Date!
* September 8:  GE Night (MSEB 119, 7p-9p)
* September 9:  Engineering Career Fair
* September 10:  ITLP Event—more information to come!
* September 17:  Business Career Fair
* September 18:  On-Campus Interviews

More Info
Job Posting: http://www.ge.com/careers/culture/university-students
ITLP Blog: http://www.itlpblog.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GEITLP?ref=hl
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=4542449
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GEITLP


Title: Morningstar Development Program - Technology
Company: Morningstar, Inc.
Contact: Suzanne Reicher <mdprecruiting@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3123844049
Hiring for: Full time
The Program:
We created the Morningstar Development Program for technologists to
nurture recent college graduates and prepare them for successful, long-
term careers at our company. This two-year program encompasses four
rotational assignments selected by the participant and our career
development team. You will have access to our technology leaders and be
exposed to different aspects of Morningstar’s business. You will gain
foundational knowledge of the financial industry, as well as of key
technology trends including Agile methodologies, mobile application
development, and software as a service (SaaS) delivered from our private

The Role:
The Morningstar Development Program for technologists is accepting
applicants with zero to three years of full-time work experience. The
ideal candidate is a self-starter who sees technology as an art,
understands business goals, and can create scalable, flexible software
solutions by taking technical direction and applying modern software
development practices. We expect that you’ve mastered the technologies,
languages, or development environments you’ve been working
with—whichever they may be—and that you will be able to learn any
technology or language that’s needed. All positions are based in our
Chicago office. If you are interested in a role outside of technology,
please apply to the general Morningstar Development Program.

•       Contribute to ongoing training sessions, stretch projects, and
roundtable discussions while developing a strong foundation of knowledge
to use in your Morningstar career
•       Develop critical skills and areas of expertise that will prepare
you for advancement into positions across the organization
•       Design and develop Java, .NET, and Objective-C applications to
be flexible, scalable, and robust; collaborate on object-oriented
designs and domain modeling
•       Adhere to good Agile practices such as test-driven development
and continuous integration
•       Write automated functional and unit tests for technology stacks
•       Create a platform for globalization of our web and mobile
•       Analyze and address production issues; build instrumentation and
operational readiness into the system architecture
•       Use continuous and automated deployment
•       Act as a software guardian by taking ownership of nonfunctional
elements, architectural direction, and the quality of the code, while
addressing technical debt
•       Support architectural, design, and engineering practices to
launch products to Morningstar’s private cloud

•       A bachelor’s degree
•       An outstanding academic record
•       Excellent coding skills
•       The ability to integrate into a team and work well with others
•       Experience in analysis, design, coding, and implementation of
large-scale Java object-oriented applications and Web 2.0 applications;
mobile experience is a plus
•       Strong knowledge of object-oriented design including design
patterns and their applicability
•       Experience with Agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming
(XP) and Scrum
•       Knowledge of good design practices like encapsulation,
composition, and engineering with continuous integration and test-driven
•       Awareness of activity in the open-source world; contribution to
the open-source community is a big plus
•       Knowledge of UNIX/Linux and exposure to MySQL/SQL Server
•       Ability to adapt to different situations and thrive in a
challenging, fast-paced environment

Please indicate your earliest available start date and cumulative GPA in
your cover letter.

Morningstar is an equal opportunity employer.

All candidates must apply online through mdp.morningstar.com in order to
be considered for the program.


Title: Research Programmer
Company: UIUC Beckman Institute
Contact: Patricia M. Jones <pmjones5@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 217-300-1784
Hiring for: Part time
A project hosted at the UIUC Beckman Institute seeks motivated computer
science students to develop an API related to neuroimaging data.  Our
group is building a deep-learning system to analyze and classify
individual brain differences based on MRI scans. This project will
involve supercomputing resources. The technical task involves developing
a data-processing pipeline that integrates multiple neuroimaging data
types into a single data repository, and developing an API to allow
researchers to add new data to this repository, as well as access and
analyze data in the repository. Minimum qualifications: Familiarity with
Python,  Java, and MATLAB.  Preferred qualifications: Experience in
integrated systems preferred.  Knowledge of DICOM, NIFTI and other
neuroimaging data formats is not required but would be helpful.