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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 10/06/15

With postings from:
* Pinterest
* Affinity
* BP
* Counsyl


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Pinterest
Contact: Brendan Ryan <illinois@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> - 
Hiring for: Full time
Pinterest is a passionate engineering-centric company. We operate with
lean product and platform engineering teams focused on high impact and
results. We’re looking for more awesome humans to add to our team. Our
goal is to challenge you and make sure you’re passionate about what
you’re working on, and ultimately set you up for success at the start of
your career. You’ll help us maneuver through crazy growth and insane
scale while building awesome products and features, creating visually
rich experiences, spearheading the discovery problem, and PINpointing
tomorrow’s engineering challenges.

The most innovative and inspiring parts of Pinterest have yet to be
built! New grads play a big part in our story and success–we’ll partner
with you to progress your development as we continue to build the future
of Pinterest.

What you’ll do:
-Hit the ground running–get ready to jump in the code base on day 1
-Write clean, efficient, and sustainable code
-Break down complex problems and implement creative algorithms
-Knit across our engineering organization to build new features from

Check out what we've been doing: engineering.pinterest.com


Title: Software Engineer (Intern)
Company: Pinterest
Contact: Brendan Ryan <illinois@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> -
Hiring for: Intern/Co-op
At Pinterest, we’re organically growing our team and product. We operate
with lean product and platform engineering teams focused on high impact
and results. A Pintern is synonymous with a full-time Pinployee – high
impact and high exposure. Throughout your internship, you’ll take a
journey with us as we maneuver through crazy growth and insane scale
while building awesome products and features, creating visually rich
experiences, spearheading the discovery problem, and PINpointing
tomorrow’s engineering challenges. Most of Pinterest hasn’t been built
yet – you’ll help add to the future of innovation and inspiration while
we partner with you to help you grow as an engineer and excel your

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Pintern? Check out projects,
responsibilities, requirements, and more below.

Pintern impact – to give you a sense of the type of awesome stuff you
could be doing, here are some former Pintern projects:
- Austin brought interests to iOS–a users home feed now includes pins
based on their individual interest profiles.
- Yun added real-time recommendations from user actions from clicks and
likes on pins.
- The dynamic Jaymond duo (James + Raymond) defended Pinterest’s honor
while working on a suspicious login detection project.
- Alice built Professor X on Android–new user orientation for every new
Android sign-up.
- Sarah, JJ, and Ken rewrote our entire mobile website from scratch.
- Matt helped break ground on direct messaging during a hackathon.

What you’ll do:
- Hit the ground running– produce clean code and get ready to jump in
the code base on day 1
- Work on high impact projects and help build the future of Pinterest
- Knit across our engineering organization to build new features from
- Continually grow– professionally and personally through various
learning and developments opportunities

We offer a 12 week summer internship program and winter co-ops during
the academic year in our San Francisco office.

Check out what we have been doing here: engineering.pinterest.com


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Affinity
Contact: Shubham Goel <shubham@xxxxxxxxxxx> 650-380-9305
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
Redwood City | Full-time | Intern

Relationships are the backbone of the world’s most valuable industries--
from venture capital to philanthropy to any organization engaging in
sales or business development. But actionable information and context
about relationships remain hidden and unstructured in colleagues' and
friends' calendars and email, as well as our own archives--and nobody
has the time to analyze or organize this exponentially growing trail of

Affinity helps enterprises understand their professional relationships
by capturing and structuring communications and operations data in ways
that are relevant to what they're trying to accomplish today. We are
building a platform that gives everyone the critical information they
need at their fingertips to achieve their goals.

Affinity was founded by Ray Zhou and Shubham Goel from Stanford computer
science, along with entrepreneur and investor Joe Lonsdale, who was
inspired by his work at RelateIQ and Palantir. The company has many
prominent investors and leading entrepreneurs backing its vision. We are
convinced that there is a vertical SaaS-enabled platform of networks
that Affinity can create and capture to become a multi-billion dollar
Productivity IT company.

At Affinity, you'll join a team of fewer than 10 where you'll be leading
development of software products and features from day one. Despite
being an early stage company, we are unique in already having a broad
set of engaging technical challenges and a clear direction. If you're
interested in systems, you'll enjoy working on our sync architecture
that captures millions of communication data points. On the other hand,
if you enjoy building user-facing products, you'll work on our suite of
reactive web interfaces.

At this stage of the company, we believe in hiring generalist engineers
who have, or would like to develop, great product ability. Within 3
months, you will own the planning, scoping and implementation of new
features. In the following 3 months, we hope you will be mentoring your
peers or even training and leading your own team.

We are a company with a very bold vision, and we are looking for
pioneers who can lead different parts of the company as we grow.

If this sounds exciting to you, please reach out to jobs@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Core tech: Ruby, PostgreSQL, Node.js, JavaScript, React


Title: BP Information Technology Full-Time and Internship Opportunities
Company: BP
Contact: Nicole Nguyen <Nicole.Nguyen@xxxxxx> 832-787-3253
Hiring for: Full time, Intern/Co-op
BP have exciting full time and internships opportunities available.
Our applications are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.   In order
to apply for our roles, all candidates MUST complete an online
application by uploading their resume and unofficial transcript at
www.bp.com/uscampus  by September 25th, 2015.  Below is our job

Information Technology & Services Internships and Full-Time Roles

Information Technology and Services (IT&S) provides a full range of IT
services to BP's global business segments. It keeps our business up and
running, and protects the integrity of our operations.  Our systems are
some of the most advanced in the world - enabling us to take on projects
that are as complex as they are geographically distant. Our IT
professionals are also experts in collaboration – they work across the
group to support wider business goals and with each other to deliver a
safe and secured operational environment, which is a number one priority
for BP.   They pioneer new ways to solve problems by finding and
applying the best digital technologies.
The goals of IT&S for working with its customers are to: deliver
reliable, secure and recoverable information technology services,
achieve base levels of enterprise integrity, ensure transparency of
costs and services, provide customers with choices that meet their needs
and demonstrate superior performance through benchmarks.
The energy sector offers a number of unique opportunities for graduates
who are keen to build a career in technology.  Specific accountabilities
may include software development and architecture, data analyst and
consulting, service delivery, and managing cyber security threats.
Areas of support may also include hosting (website and application
systems etc.) services, telecommunication voice (telephone) and data
network services, desktop (PC) support services, project governance,
investment management, financial budget oversight, and Safety and
Operational Risk Management.   By forging partnerships both with senior
stakeholders across BP and with external specialists, graduates can
expect to learn and experience a variety of important BP computer
operations and making sure our leading-edge technology infrastructure is
agile, flexible and effective.

Chicago, IL

Houston, TX

Minimum Requirements
• Must have a cumulative 3.2 GPA

• Pursing Bachelor's or Master's Degree

Preferred Requirements
• Internship positions: Must be available for a continuous 12 week
period for duration of internship

• Must have work mobility

• Major in an IT discipline or related field of study (IT&S, Computer
Science, Computer Engineering, MIS, CIS)

• Working knowledge of programming or testing

• Demonstrate experience of delivery using broad set of technologies in
an academic or business situation

• Good quantitative skills, with understanding of common derivative
instruments, and the methods used to price

• Strong numerical skills and

• Strong understanding of programming

• Experience of working with real time or large complex data sets

• For undergraduate-level roles, BP will not support U.S. Immigration

Degree Completion Requirements
• Internship positions:  Must be anticipating completion of your degree
in 2017 or later

• Full-Time positions:   Must complete your degree and be eligible for
full-time employment in 2016

• For undergraduate-level roles, BP will not support U.S. Immigration

In order to be considered for the role, all candidates MUST complete an
online application and submit a resume and unofficial transcript at
www.bp.com/uscampus. You can only apply to ONE opportunity.
If you are selected for the position, your employment will be contingent
upon submission to and successful completion of a post-offer/pre-
placement drug and alcohol screening as well as pre-placement
verification of the information and qualifications provided during the
selection process.

BP is an equal opportunity employer.


Title: Front End Engineer
Company: Counsyl
Contact: Carl <carl@xxxxxxxxxxx> 6177809511
Hiring for: Full time
Counsyl is looking for Front End Engineers to build rich client
experiences that will help people make life-changing decisions with
their health. We've created a revolutionary platform that gives people
access to critical health information at key times in their lives— for
those starting a family and for those at risk of inherited cancer.

As a Front-end Engineer at Counsyl, you'll work closely with both
software engineers and product designers to build engaging and
performant user experiences. You will take ownership of entire features
and product initiatives from conception to release and beyond. You will
also have the ability to touch modern tools like React, Angular,
CoffeeScript, ES6, and SASS to ensure our UIs are working responsively
across all the latest devices and platforms. We are open to experts in
HTML/CSS as well as engineers who are proficient in front-end frameworks
and working across the full-stack. The ideal candidate will have a
strong understanding of product development and the motivation to
continually iterate UIs to be the best possible solution. This is a
unique opportunity to build intuitive, consumer-facing interactions that
are revolutionizing the way people view their overall health.

What You'll Do:
- Build a brand that people can connect with to make effective decisions
about their health
- Use your product insights to craft, test, and implement a beautiful,
intuitive presentation layer
- Create meaningful health applications and dashboards that call people
to take necessary action
- Develop responsive experiences optimized for the web, mobile, tablet,
- Find and address performance issues while actively participating in
design and code reviews
- Contribute to, and improve our standards and practices on the front
Desired Skills and Experience
About you

About You:
- A true craftsman/craftswoman who can build complex client-side
interactions for the web using modern tools
- Expert knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
- Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side
performance considerations
- Comfortable with full stack development (Django, Rails, etc.)
- Experience developing with MV* frameworks (Angular, Backbone, Ember,
- Experience testing your code (Jasmine, JSUnit, Selenium, etc.)
- Experience with modern frontend tooling (Gulp, Grunt, Browserify,
Webpack, etc.)
- BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
- 3-5 years of experience, though quality of work and aptitude for
growth trump years.