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[job list] ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings

ACM@UIUC Weekly Job Postings
Week of 11/13/16

With postings from:
* Nousot


Title: Software Engineer
Company: Nousot
Contact: Rami Jachi <rami@xxxxxxxxxx> (312) 870-0828
Hiring for: Full time
We are a software startup that applies state of the art machine learning
to automate intelligent tasks in organizations. We are looking to hire a
software engineer that can enhance our ability to deploy applications as
we scale. We believe that AI will be the defining technology of the 21st
century much like electricity was in the 20th. If you share that belief,
read on. This position offers competitive pay and benefits and is based
in Chicago.

Key Responsibilities:

    Developing new product features
    Implementing and deploying machine learning applications that have
been developed by the ML team
    Deploy and maintain product applications and supporting
infrastructure on AWS
    Maintaining and improving data ingestion and data transformation


    Proven record of programming (e.g., Bachelor’s degree in CS, online
or bootcamp certification, or portfolio)
    1-3 years experience in an environment with versatile programming
    Proficiency in Python, Linux, SQL, with a working understanding of
    Experience with Django or other web frameworks
    Experience building API services
    Experience with AWS and distributed services architecture
    BONUS: working experience with statistical and mathematical

Additional Requirements:

    Flexible to jump between client and server side applications and
programming languages
    Able to handle highs and lows of startup workload
    Ability to network with engineers and developers
    Doesn’t take self too seriously and doesn’t like tech gimmicks
    Unimpressed with current state of tech world

About Us:

We are committed to creating a suite of autonomous tools that enhance
strategic decisions. By automating repetitive and statistically heavy
tasks, organizations elevate their capabilities and free up their
talent. We believe it is time that machine learning turns away from
identifying cats in pictures towards applications that enhance
organizational productivity.

To apply:

Email careers@xxxxxxxxxx