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(((SIGMusic))) Asian American Idol

This was sent to me by Illini Union Board. Please refer if you are interested....
Dear Media/Performing RSO leaders and members
   May I borrow couple mins from you please?  Illini Union Board(IUB) and
Korean American Student Association(KASA) are hosting an event called "Asian
American Idol" on March 15.

   It's copyed from the idea of American Idol, an event that invite students
to come and show off their talents.  It's not just limited to Asians.  Anyone
who wants to perform and compete for the title is welcomed to join.  There
will be a panel of judges and at least three categories:

Dancing (any kinds of dancing, hip hop, modern, mix,...etc),

Singing(any kinds of singing, Kareoke, Acappela, sing with playing music

Music Instrument/Poetry reading.. and more

Anyone who are interested in join the competition please reply to Christine
chpark2@xxxxxxxx or Kevin Kungho@xxxxxxxx asap.

The event is going to be free, and just provide students fun and chance to
perform they talents, publize their clubs.  The winners will also get prizes. 
So could you please do us a favor and forward this email to your members and
friends.  Help us to get enough performers.

Thank you very very much.

Kevin Ho
Illini Union Board
Committee Chair for Asian American Program
Best Regards,
Alexander Nam
ACM SIGMusic Chair