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(((SIGMusic))) Sounds & Visions: Next meeting


Now that EOH is done (great job, to everyone who
participated!), it's time to get going on Sounds &
Visions. We've tentatively scheduled it for April 28 &
29. I'd like to have a meeting after Spring Break,
Monday, Mar. 31 at 6:00. We'll go to 1320 DCL for
another viewing/listening session, and try to get
people working on projects together. Some other topics

- The live action piece
- Creating posters
- Putting up posters, advertising, etc.

Hopefully, you can get some work done over spring
break, but if you already have some material you'd
like to share, please let others know about it through
the S&V mailing list. (sv2003@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Hope to see you Monday,
Michael Bach

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