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Re: (((SIGMusic))) *NEW* Computer System Recommendations

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 01:27:03AM -0600, Alexander Nam blathered
> Hello SIGMusic,
> It has been a while, but SIGMusic is still functioning normally
> (except for some funding issues).
> Right now, I'd like to inform everyone that SIGMusic was OFFICIALLY
> approved for a new computer system for future projects and such. The
> guaranteed amount that we will be sponsored for is $750.00.
> Therefore, please post to the list NOW on what you'd like to recommend
> to go into our new system.
> After Spring Break, we will then go ahead and put a system together
> that meets the recommendations of membership. Of course, not all
> wishes will be fulfilled, depending on how much of our budget is used.
> Thanks and eCafe info will be posted soon.
> Have a great Spring Break!

A Mac.  With protools.  The Echo Mia even works in OS X now.

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